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Limosa Feminized Black Farm Genetix Seeds

Limosa is a brand new strain by Black Farm Genetix which combines Orange Punch (Purple Punch x Orange) x Lemon Miracle (Gluekies x Secret Lemon)

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Limosa Feminized Black Farm Genetix Seeds
Limosa Feminized Black Farm Genetix Seeds

Limosa is a brand new strain by Black Farm Genetix which combines Orange Punch (Purple Punch x Orange) x Lemon Miracle (Gluekies x Secret Lemon)

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Breeder: Black Farm Genetics

Genetics: Orange Punch (Purple Punch x Orange) x Lemon Miracle (Gluekies x Secret Lemon)

Lineage: 70% Indica

Flowering Time: 9-10 Weeks

Yields per m2: 500-600g per m2

THC Content: 20-25%

CBD Content: under 1%

Pack Options: Female Only

Seed Type: Photo Period

Black Farm Genetics Limosa is a Feminized Cannabis Strain that is available in Female Seed Packs only

Limosa is part of the Orange Punch Collection by Black Farm Genetics with the awesomeness of a legendary cross that includes an unknown Lemon, Purple Punch, Gorilla Glue, Girl Scout Cookies and an Orange Hybrid.

Limosa produces buds that are very compact, light green in colour and with a THC Percentage around 20-25%. The buds are going to be supreme high level with a combination that is set to impress.

Black Farm Genetics Limosa is a good strength mostly Indica dominant cannabis strain that is great for switching off and stress relief. If your looking for inspiration this marijuana stain is a good choice as the Indica dominance will send you into deep thought. Indica dominant cannabis strains have a prolific effect on the body and can completely relax the muscles into a body stone. Sometimes it can be an issue as people say with a couch lock that makes it hard to move with a very heavy hitting strain. Limosa does have some sativa in its genetics so it will not put you in a comer, but it is very much a body stoners choice.

Limosa is a great strain to smoke if your looking for deep relaxation and time to think and look at things from a different perspective. It can help with sleeping, is a massive muscle relaxer, can help alleviate stress and can be good with irrational thought processing. High Indica strains such as this weed variety are not so well suited for people that are feeling down as they can send you a little too deep into your own thoughts whereas Sativa's are a little more social and motivating.

Limosa has a mix of heritage mostly coming from the Indica Regions of Afghanistan and South India with some sativa lineage originating from Asia and South America. Limosa will grow to a medium height around 100-150cm generally with very large and very hard to kill Indica Style buds. This ganja strain produces a very high yield fast and with fairly uniformed growing plants that are very hard to kill. This one makes a great commercial cash cropper as it is well adapted to various grow rooms and temperatures.

At Cannabis Seeds Outlet UK we only stock genuine original Black Farm Genetics Limosa marijuana seeds. We store all our seeds in a commercial fridge at optimal temperatures to preserve quality.

Data sheet
Data sheet
Indica or Sativa %
60-80% Mostly Indica
Flowering Time
8-10 Weeks 56-69 Days
Contains Genetics
Gorilla Glue
Purple Punch
Estimated Yield
Over 600g (Very High)
THC Content
20-25% Very High
CBD Content
0-2% Extra Low
Dispensary Value Per oz
£200-250 High
Black Farm Genetix (who are they?)

Black farm Genetix are a brand located in Italy near to the city of Milan. They are a professional breeder with a website established in 2020.

Black Farm Genetix have put together top level premium genetics created from the most popular strains of modern times with big names such as Glue, Banana, Cookies, Punch and other high level connoisseur standards.

Black Farm Genetix come in a very stylish souvenir package which is a smart black box containing a nice pot for the seeds.

Seeds are at the premium price level and come in 5 or 10 packs.

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