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We offer a vast range of different strains.

What are Auto Strains? Auto cannabis strain grow without the need for a timer as they will go from seed to harvest in the same time regardless of what light they are given. The original genetics were taken from countries in the far northern hemesphere where the peak summer days have 24 hour sunshine. As a response the plants evolved to flower in a non traditional way and without the need of a seasonal change.

What are feminized seeds? Feminized seeds have been around for a long time now so everyone should know why they are important. Traditional and natural cannabis seeds grow to become both male and female. The trouble with this is when growing for buds to smoke, you do not want males in your room. The basics is that a male will produce pollen which will stop a female growing buds to smoke and instead produce seeds. With special breeding techniques it has been possible to produce all female seeds so you no longer need to worry about males in your garden, which is pretty awesome.

What are Fast Version Seeds? Fast Version cannabis strains are something that have been newly created. They have been made by taking auto genetics and reversing them back so they no longer auto flower. As a result the seeds grow much faster than they originally did, reducing flowering times by up to 2 weeks.

It is debatable as to which type of strain to choose and really there is no clear answer aside from that it is down to personal requirement. Everyone has a different requirement of needs and there is no one strain fits all with some liking potency and others just going for yield.

CBG Royal Queen Auto Female Seeds
$18.56 -15%
A modern day legend created by mixing some awesome genetics is CBG Nectar Auto CBD with its NYC Diesel masterpiece with a new high CBD even CBG version. This CBD medicinal strain is less potent and just as delicious with a sweet citrus mango flavour that is slightly spicy and cedar chemical diesel tasting.
Red Gorilla Girl XL Auto Female Sweet Seeds
$33.16 -15%
Red Gorilla Girl XL Automatic is a version of the popular, super strength strain Gorilla Girl. The combination of Gorilla Girl XXL and a Sweet Seeds Autoflowering strain Bloody Skunk. The addition of bloody skunk makes this extra purple, but retains the original characteristics of the Gorilla Cookies.
Amsterdam Amnesia Female Dutch Passion Seeds
$134.78 -15%
Dutch Passion’s collection of feminised seeds wouldn’t be complete without the timeless classic Amsterdam Amnesia Haze. With its knockout-potency, this THC-rich sativa is derived from original Amnesia genetics and features the best attributes from the world’s finest Haze strains.
Runtz Muffin Barneys Farm Female Seeds
$15.82 -15%
1-3 Days Delivery Available
Barneys Farm Runtz Muffin is the result of the diligent amalgamation of Zkittlez x Gelato, this gratifying Cookies descendant will delight you with her remarkable flavours and potent, balanced nature.The lab then delicately fused our Orange punch to not only increase the indica % but adding significant production benefits.
Big Bazooka Female Anesia Cannabis Seeds
$41.68 -15%
Product available with different options
When thinking about Anesia Big Bazooka , think of Jack Herer on steroids. with a shortened flowering time and increased potency. The original Jack Herer has been boosted to new heights with the addition of the high indica high yielding Big Bud.
Kings Juice Greenhouse Feminized Seeds
$47.46 -15%
Product available with different options
The long awaited awesomeness from the one and only Greenhouse Seeds has finally arrived and this twist on the ever popular Mimosa is really set to impress. Kings Juice is the creation of a combined Symbiotic Genetics Orange Punch with Diesel Kush.
Strawberry Blue Fast V World of Seeds Female Seeds
$90.97 -15%
1-3 Days Delivery Available
Strawberry Blue Fast V is a combination of a slightly unknown Sativa dominant Blueberry with the traditional Strawberry Cough that creates a very deep skunk tasting bud that is slightly darker in colour with medium to high density. The buds taste somewhere between a deep purple skunk is crystal covered with up to 25% THC Content and will finish beautifully colourful.