Top 10 Marijuana Strains

We have chosen these most popular marijuana strains based on specific categories. When choosing your cannabis seeds you want to be sure you have the best strain for your specific needs. Here you can find the best strains based on growing environment, potential yields, strength & potency, genetic make up, height of the finished plants, CBD Content, Medicinal values and grower difficulty.

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Top 10 Marijuana Strains

When it comes to selecting the best marijuana seeds, we look at various factors to decide which strain makes the list. This is why we have broken down this category into different sections to show which strains we think are the best for the different reasons we considered.

Everyone is different when it comes to looking for your favourite strain and there would certainly be many opinions on this. Really it depends on a number of factors including exactly what your personal requirement is.

Best Cannabis Strains (deciding factors)

  • Highest yielding feminized strains
  • Highest yielding automatic strains
  • Highest potency marijuana strains
  • Most potent auto strains
  • Best cannabis strains for outdoor growing
  • Fastest flowering Ganja strains
  • Highest CBD percentage medicinal strains
  • Easiest cannabis strains for beginners
  • Bestselling cannabis strains
  • Shortest height marijuana plants
  • Best cannabis strains of 2023
  • Best marijuana strains of 2024

As you can see there are many different things a grower might be looking for when deciding which strain is the best. Things to consider are those of a personal choice and may be based on grower ability and gardening method. Someone who is a complete beginner with a small hobby tent will vary greatly in their requirements in comparison with a seasoned veteran that has grown commercially and requires a connoisseur’s selection.

Best Marijuana Strains (various reasons)

Best Auto Cannabis Strain

Our top choice out of the many strains available in auto variety goes to Gorilla Girl XXL Auto by Sweet Seeds. This strain is the auto flowering equivalent to Glookies by Barneys Farm. We have chosen this strain because it is relatively easy to grow and produces buds that will be appreciated by growers on every level. The fruity cookie buds display a high level of THC and sit proudly on the shelf in any marijuana dispensary.

Highest Potency Cannabis Strain

This is a challenge to really know which marijuana strain has the highest level of THC. There are so many hybrids out there claiming to be the strongest and most potent with THC levels above 30%. It does however seem that after making a google search on this topic, many are claiming Godfather OG to be one of the strongest Indica strains. There are claims that Godfather OG can achieve up to 35% THC levels, which is really incredible if it’s true.

Best Cannabis Strain to grow outdoors

When it comes to growing marijuana strains outdoors it gets quite complicated to choose the best variety for this. Many factors are to be considered as a standard photoperiod plant will need to grow for a full season before it fully ripens. This can present a number of problems with the risk of plants developing problems. Pest control, humidity and mould growth, high or low temperatures and many other problematic issues need to be considered. Many people are turning to automatic flowering strains for growing outdoors as they are genetically built to withstand harsher environments and they grow in less than half the time. One stand-out strain that seems to be mentioned consistently for growing outdoors is Durban Poison by Dutch Passion. This Harvey South African marijuana strain is stealthy with a low odour and highly resilient to persistent problem solving. Its not necessarily the most potent strain, but for reliability it seems a good choice.

Best Cannabis Strain for beginners

When we first started out growing over 15 years ago this was a question we researched in a lot of detail. We tested a number of strains and found White Widow and AK47 to be the easiest strains to grow. AK47 was actually the best as it is virtually indestructible and grows very fast. The only issue with AK47 is that it absolutely stinks with one of the most pungent aromas possible. To get the best of both in terms of beginner friendly marijuana strains maybe White AK47 would be a better choice as the plants may be stealthier and easier to manage.

Highest CBD Marijuana Strain

This question is not asked by many recreational users as CBD does not get you high. It is more the medicinal user or occasional smoker that is looking for High CBD strains. In many countries CBD is completely legal so long as buds are less than 0.2% THC. There are a few very high CBD strains that you may want to consider with one of the top performers we know of being CBD Oil Maker by Powerstrains. They claim this medicinal strain will achieve over 20% CBD levels with less than 1% THC. This makes it illegal to grow in the UK, but in many countries, they allow THC levels under 1%.

Best Selling Cannabis Stain

Personally, on our website the best-selling strain we have in Pineapple Chunk by Just Feminized Seeds. For some reason this marijuana strain consistently out performs all our other varieties. The potent and high yielding buds finish fast to produce something very similar to Cheese, but better in many opinions. Originally produced by Barneys Farm this strain is considered a commercial cash cropper and great for a hobby. Pineapple Chunk is a perfectly balanced Indica Sativa with delicious exotic tasting buds worthy of champion harvest awards.

Best Marijuana Strains of 2024

This year the cannabis market seems to be expanding more and more with competition really heating up. There have been so many new releases that its hard to say which cannabis strain is the best in 2024. We are going to make a few which we think are really awesome based on the genetics they contain and the potential they have. One brand we offer that is a new comer to the commercial cannabis seed market Terp Treez has some really interesting new strains to offer.

Alien Dounutz is one of our stand out varieties by Terp Treez that contains Alien Cookies, Kush Mintz and Z3 in its genetics. Terp Treez offer some great new hybrids that combine genetics such as RS11, Jealousy, Runtz, Oreoz, Pancakes, Apple Fritters and many other modern legends.

Brand New Cannabis Strains

Every month we aim to bring as many new strains to our seed bank as possible. We currently add around 15 to 25 new cannabis strains every month. When it comes to SEO for cannabis seed brands to get up on Google rankings its important to be the first to market for new products. Normally when new strains are released, we have them on our website within just a few days of them going live. Recently Royal Queen have added the new Tyson range which we added within moments of the release. 

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