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Our website contains adult material related to cannabis so only persons over 18 years of age should be viewing our content. If we have any reason to believe a customer under 18 years of age has placed an order on our website we will immediately refund and cancel the order unless it has already been sent out. If you are under 18 years of age please exit our website as it contains material not suitable for minors.

Medicinal Claims on our website

In our product descriptions you will find information relating to medicinal benefits resulting from the use of cannabis.

We cannot verify or backup any medical claims that may have been made on our website. No scientific testing has been carried out and any information displayed is based on assumptions rather than actual credible medical research. Actual medicinal benefits from smoking cannabis are debatable and we are not medically qualified to give accurate assessments of products on our website.

Any information related to medical benefits on our website should be disregarded as there is no scientific research to back up any claims made. If you are particularly interested in the medicinal side of marijuana we would advise you to rely on your own research and testing to verify actual results.

Growing or germination Info

Information regarding growing or any reference towards germination of cannabis seeds is only for display purposes and is not written in order to promote illegal activity.  Our product descriptions may vary from actual results and products should only be grown by persons with a licences or by people in countries where laws permit the growing of cannabis.

Any information on our website regarding potential yields or providing any information statistics for growing cannabis are for visual and research purposes only.

Unfortunately we cannot discus growing or germination in any way so please remember this if you need to contact us.

Cannabis Seeds Sold as Souvenirs

Cannabis Seeds in the UK and many parts of Europe are sold as souvenirs or to preserve genetics for future uses when laws change or if they can be used in countries where laws permit growing. We cannot for this reason offer guarantees on germination and attempts to do so are the sole responsibility of the customer who is making that choice.