Top 10 Most Potent Strains

Check out our Top 10 most potent High THC Marijuana strains that will blow you away. These strains are the ones with the biggest reputation for delivering a knockout high with THC over 25% Achievable. Just beware of the new smokers as these ones will put you out for the count.

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Gorilla Cheese is an epic Indica cannabis variety with bright green and dense typical indica shaped buds with dark red pistils and packed with so many crystals that the buds look fluffy like candy floss. The fragrance of the dried harvest is sweet cheese with sour tropical diesel tastes rather spicy, cedar wood like with a slight melon. Gorilla Cheese is a strong smelling marijuana strain so take care with your ventilation.
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Kalashnikov Siberian Haze is a combination of two awesome strains that both have a reputation for being very hard to kill when growing. Both AK47 and Amnesia Haze have reputations for their killer blow Sativa Highs that will knock you out for the count. This is likely to be one of the most powerful strains you will try. If you are looking for pure power this is certainly one to try.Limited Time Sale 1st to 27th July 40% OFF

The Most Potent Strains 2021 list

1. Bruce the Russian by Cream of the Crop 25-30% THC Content

This killer combination of Bruce Banner and White Russian is a powerful cannabis strain that will blow your mind. Being reasonably well balanced with around 60% THC this one will give you a rounded effect that’s potent so beginners beware.

2. Amnesia Crack by Outlet UK 29% THC Content

This potent combination of Amnesia Haze and Green Crack is a hybrid meant for one thing. This high power cannabis strain will deliver an impressive high even for the hardened smoker. This one is well balanced Indica Sativa that is relatively easy to grow and produces a top shelf and most potent marijuana strain.

3. Platinum Gorilla Cookies by Outlet UK 28% Plus THC Content

This potent cannabis hybrid contains 50% Gorilla Glue #4 x Platinum Cookies (25% Durban Poison 25% OG Kush) These two have potent strains have become legendary in recent years with their street value reaching up to £300 per oz in the UK.

4. Sour Cookies Gum by Just Feminized up to 30% THC Content

If you're looking to grow the highest THC seeds, look no further than this killer hybrid. A Combination of Sour Diesel, Bubblegum and Girl Scout Cookies is one of the most delicious high power strains in our collection.

5. Gorilla Cheese by Expert Seeds 20-30% THC (epic strain)

This epic potent cannabis strain combines two legends to create one masterpiece. Cheese has possibly been the best selling cannabis strain for the last 5 to 10 years. Known for its unique and much-loved taste, when combined with the top-shelf newcomer Gorilla Glue this is a strain that sets the standards for sure.

6. Siberian Haze by Kalashnikov up to 30% THC

This is a kick-arse high potent Sativa that crosses the original untested AK47 with the powerful and much loved Amnesia Haze. Which cannabis seeds with the highest THC content are a question this strain tries to solve and does a great job delivering the answer.

7. Runtz by Outlet UK up to 30% THC

This high potency weed strain is one of our best newcomers, just be sure to know that the name certainly doesn’t mean this is the runt of the litter. The combination of Gelato and Zkittles produces a powerful cannabis strain and up to 30% THC which is going to be mind-blowing.

8. Wedding Cake by Barneys Farm 26% THC

Wedding Cake has made our list due to it being a slightly unique Girl Scout Cookies cross. This one combined with Cherry Pie makes for something really special and delivers a long-lasting potent high. The moreish flavours will keep you coming back time and time and it’s a strain that you won't get bored of.

9. Biscotti Mints by Barneys Farm 28% THC

If you want epic strong cannabis seeds, Barneys Farm always delivers a top-notch quality seed. Biscotti Mints is one of many new strains to the Barneys collection and we especially like this one.

10. Mimosa Evo by Barneys Farm 30% THC

This hybrid combining Orange Punch and Mimosa is something to dream about. From the way it grows, the huge harvests it delivers, the delicious taste and pure epic high strength. Mimosa Evo is certainly one to try for pure power accompanied by fragrance, ease of growth and a top-shelf price tag.

The most potent strain of cannabis

We must say that the medical and therapeutic benefits of cannabis vary quite significantly from strain to strain. When we talk about high potency, mostly we mean high THC content marijuana strains. THC is the active compound in cannabis that gives you the mind-altering high that we smokers are searching for.

The most common effects of cannabis use are relaxation and euphoria that can really lift your spirit and lighten the stresses of everyday life. Sativa Strains give you an energetic and psychedelic high, whilst Indica strains are more mellow and muscle relaxing.

Everyone seems to be looking for the highest THC strain, but this may not suit beginners. There are notable side effects that especially may not be experienced nicely for a new smoker. If you are not a hardened smoker a THC level under 15% would be a good starting point. For those long-timers that seek power nowadays, it's possible to achieve super strength with the most potent strains up to 35% THC.