Top 10 High Yielding Auto's

Auto Cannabis Strains are known to produce slightly less yield that non-auto strains. We have put together a list of our Top 10 Highest Yielding Automatic Flowering Marijuana Strains to help you choose.

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Zambeza Big Bud XXL Auto is an easy to grow and very short auto-flowering plant that will grow in rooms with minimal height. The finished buds are light green old school skunk style with a sweet and spiciness and a herbal earthy taste. Big Bud XXL Auto s known for producing high yields.
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Aamurskiy Giant Automatic is a modern day legend with the original Jack Herer on steroids pumped up with the high yielding vigorous growth of Power Plant. This powerful strain is potent and delicious with a sweet mango flavour that is slightly spicy and cedar wood tasting.

It seems one of the most important questions when choosing your Auto-flowering cannabis seeds is yield. Some growers think that High yielding auto strains don’t exist, but this is not specifically true.

Do High Yielding Auto Seeds exist?

There are two important things that can improve yields when using automatic cannabis seeds. One is the fact that you can use more light up to 20 hours compared to the typical 12 hours. Pumping the plants with more watts can greatly increase yields.

Another factor is that as Autoflowering marijuana strains are more compact, it is possible to fit more plants into the same amount of space potentially increasing the yield.

Best Yielding Autoflower Strains

We have been asked what is the highest yielding auto-flowering strain many times. Our reply comes with some considerations that you should be looking to consider. Sometimes yield should not be thought of as the only important factor when trying to choose the best auto seeds. When choosing your high yielding auto strain you must find a balance between the yield and quality of the finished product. It is also important to consider the finished plant height and how long it may take to grow with the Indica Sativa percentage coming down to your preferred high.

Benefits to choosing the best autoflowering cannabis seeds:

  • Fit more plants into the same space
  • Give light up to 20 hrs instead of 12 per day
  • Plants can be more resilient so less potential casualties
  • Auto Cannabis Strains can be much easier to grow for beginners
  • Auto marijuana seeds can produce high yields outdoors (even in wetter climates)

There are many benefits to using Autoflowering marijuana seeds for high yields. Plants are more resilient to pests and mould resulting in less chance of losing some of your plants. Many growers are now moving to auto seeds as they grow and finish much quicker and can be much easier for beginners to get a high yield from auto strains.

Also when selecting the best yielding auto marijuana strain you must think about the flowering period, the height of your grow room and growing ability. One good method of researching high yielding auto-flowering strains is. It is vital to do some research before buying your seeds to use one of the popular forums such as thc farmer or as these can provide the vital information needed to help you choose your high yielding auto weed seeds.

High yielding auto cannabis plant (how many grams per meter)

Most growers will be very happy to achieve a final yield so 500 grams per meter is a high yield to be aiming for when growing marijuana. At this level, you can get a kg from around 18 plants which is a very good level yield with a potential street value of around £7,500 / $10,000.

For the top-level marijuana grower, they can get some monster yields and this could be anything up to 1000 grams per meter making it possible to get 1kg from just 9 plants averaging 4 oz per each.

Low-level beginners really should be aiming to achieve a total yield of anything over 400 grams per meter. We see this as a process of what you put in you get back out so make some effort. Using correct feeding schedules and measuring devices with a suitable light source with sufficient power and a timer is imperative.

Get highest yielding cannabis plants with training

There are many techniques that can greatly improve yield. Topping s is a technique in which you cut the top of the lant so to promote the growth of multiple branches and an even canopy of distributed buds. Bending is a technique in which you can use a net and bend the plants and tying them with a net to create one even bed of buds. With this technique normally the grower will strip all leaves below the net. These are possibly some of the best techniques for getting a high yielding marijuana plant, but there are other things such as super cropping and more so doing a little research.