Top 10 Fastest Flowering

With the recent creation of Fast Version Cannabis Strains, there has been a real revelation in Speed. With this new type of genetics, it is possible to grow marijuana strains that can finish flowering in as little as weeks.

In this section, we have put together a list of our Top 10 Fastest flowering cannabis strains. These strains are seriously fast allowing you to get 4-5 crops every year instead of the normal 3-4.

For some growers finding the fastest flowering cannabis strain is the most important question that should be answered. With traditional methods, this was generally known to be anything around 8 weeks being pretty dam fast. Now with the latest innovations and techniques, a new line of cannabis strains known as Fast Version have emerged.

When we are talking here about Fast flowering genetics we are not relating to Autoflowering, this is a separate discussion altogether. The strains and opinions here are related to plants that are light photo dependant and require a 12 hour light cycle to produce fast flowering buds.

What are Fast Version Cannabis Seeds?

Fast version cannabis strains are a new innovation that has been created by reverse engineering an Autoflowering marijuana plant. Through selective breeding and slightly advanced techniques, it has been possible to remove the automatic genetics traits from an auto-flowering plant. The result when done in the most professional way is that the resulting seeds created from this process will finish flowering in an ultra-fast time. Amazingly, this results in a 20% reduced flowering time saving 1-2 weeks on average. This revelation makes it possible to finish flowering to get a fully ripe plant in as little as just 6 weeks or 42 days.

Advantages of using Fast Flowering Marijuana Seeds

  • You can get more harvests annually as the strain finish faster
  • Fast Flowering Weed Seeds can be much easier to grow for beginners
  • There is less chance of failure or illness as you finish faster avoiding mould and other issues
  • Quick Flowering Marijuana Strains can be better outdoors in difficult climates
  • Potentially you can save electricity costs as much less time is needed
  • Great for that more paranoid and discreet one-off growers as they can close up faster

Disadvantages of growing quick flowering cannabis seeds

  1. Sometimes Fast Flowering Strains may compromise on quality
  2. When flowering finishes faster you could expect a lower yield
  3. There are no more disadvantages to growing fast weed

One of the great advantages is that it is now possible to grow outdoors in climates where it was deemed extremely difficult. Countries such as England, Ireland, Scotland, Russia, Poland, Northern USA and the colder regions of Europe can now benefit from Buying Fast Flowering Seeds.

Which Cannabis Seeds Finish Fast?

Through recent years there has been an influx of super-fast flowering strains. We now offer an entirely new category for quick flowering or fast version ganja strains as they are non-known. At this time in our Fast Version range, we have over 70 varieties to choose from that finish in just 6-7 weeks of flowering time.

Some of the most popular fast flowering strains include Quick Critical + by Dinafem, Quick Critical Express by Kalashnivov, Green Poison Fast by Sweet Seeds, Incredible Bulk Fast V by Outlet UK and C99 Cheese Fast V also by Outlet UK.

If you’re looking for cheap cannabis seeds that finish fast, Cannabis Seeds Outlet UK offers some really good discounts on top brand fast-finishing marijuana strains. This collection of fast flowering strains is for those of you that are starting late in the season or have some pressing time issues that demand you finish growing before a specific date.