Top 10 Easy for Beginners

Some cannabis strains can be very hard to grow, especially for beginners. Things to consider are height, flowering times and resilience of the genetics you are growing. We have made it simple by putting together a list of our Top 10 Marijuana Strains for beginners.

All our Top 10 Marijuana strains for beginners are easy to grow and resilient so you wont kill the plants, or at least it will be much harder to do so.

Easy to grow Cannabis Strains for beginners

When starting out in the world of cannabis cultivation it can be a little daunting. There is so much new information to learn and so many mistakes that can be made. With so many cannabis strains to choose from, how can you make your life just a little easier when starting out as a beginner cannabis grower.

The pitfalls that some new growers can fall into when starting out are some you can avoid by choosing an easy to grow cannabis variety.

Issues a new grower may face

  • Beginner cannabis growers can struggle with plants growing too tall and getting out of control
  • Beginner marijuana growers can have plants that go mouldy and suffer from bud rot
  • Beginner weed growers and choose the wrong cannabis strain and plants can take to long to flower and become difficult to deal with.
  • Beginner cannabis cultivators can make mistakes that stress plants during growth. This can lead to female plants turning male. Common issues are things like high temperatures or pruning during later flowering stages.
  • Sometimes under watering or over watering plants can be an issue for newbie cannabis growers
  • Beginner cannabis growers can sometimes feed too many nutrients leading to leaf burn and other issues.

There are many issues a new beginner cannabis grower might face and some of these can be offset by choosing a strain that is resilient and easy to grow.

Some very popular choice cannabis strains for beginners

White Widow is one of the best marijuana strains for beginners as it is highly resilient and very hard to stress into producing pollen. This timeless classic is a very popular choice for new growers that want to produce seeds as it is reliable and goes well when trying to create new hybrids also.

AK47 is one of the best beginners growers of cannabis strains as people say it is virtually indestructible. The plants grow vigorously and produce a very good yield of mega potent buds. One of the only issues to watch out for is the odour with this can be very hard to control and decent carbon filters are required for sure.

Critical Mass is a good weed strain for beginners as it produces a very good size yield that grows fast and uniformed. This one will give beginners a great harvest with a decent potency level, but also one that can better suit the less hardened stoner.

Power Plant is known to be good for easy to grow cannabis strain for beginners that are looking for a monster size harvest of quality buds. This Sativa dominant strain originates from Africa and it has an appeal to newbies as it finishes in just 9 weeks, grows vigorous and doesn’t get out of control. The only real warning is that ventilation is required as sometimes the buds can get a little too big and bud rot can be an issue with bad circulation.

OG Kush is a very good strain for beginner marijuana growers as it grows short and is very easy to manage. This strain is rewarding to the grower and produces a good size harvest that any newcomer will be very proud of.

As for something a little more adventurous for the newbie something to try would be Gorilla Glue. This strain is one of the best beginner cannabis strains we have seen as with a little effort you can really go a long way. We have a stain called Platinum Gorilla Cookies that is an awesome variation that will test you just a little but will give you a reward well worth the effort.

Another thing to consider if you are a beginner grower is to maybe go with Automatic Flowering Cannabis Seeds. Auto-flowering strains grow very fast, which can be an issue for new growers. They are highly resilient, and you can manage them so much easier. If you are a complete newcomer with no experience they can be good as they are much more forgiving with no need for a set light cycle and the ability to grow and finish the buds in the most testing environments with little effort. Growing autos outdoors in a greenhouse just in the summer months can be highly rewarding even for a beginner.

To buy or read more info about our top strains for beginners click on the link below as this will give more detailed individual cannabis strain information.