Top 10 Outdoor Strains UK

Everyone knows the challenges that come with growing cannabis outdoors. There is wet and cold weather that can easily kill a crop and the moisture particularly can cause mould to grow. This Top 10 list is compiled of the most resilient, easiest and most suitable marijuana strains for the UK equivalent outdoor weather.

Really there is only a very short window for growing outdoors as you need the summer months. This Top 10 list is of non-auto strains, but ideally, automatic strains are better suited as they will finish during the best months outdoors.

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Sensi Early Skunk Auto Automatic is an old school favourite created over 20 years ago by Sensi Seeds. The mostly Indica Dominant variety produces buds that are traditional skunk afghani looking in both the spicy slightly citrus tasting buds and the appearance of light oranges and greens with very early finishing times.
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Just Feminized Durban Poison Automatic is a colourful cannabis strain that is filled with mostly light colours and hints of purple, blue, greens and browns.This 100% Sativa is a challenge for someone looking for something different and will have awesome results for the connoisseurs.
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Dutch Passion Auto Frisian Dew Automatic is a really awesome mix of two massively popular marijuana varieties. This one is for the purple lovers with the classic purple has that has been improved with the Super Skunk as yields are much bigger making it a commercial cash cropping strain.

Why Grow Cannabis Outdoors?

There are many benefits to growing cannabis outdoors, mostly is that there is no electricity cost and it is much better for the environment to grow naturally. Cannabis Seeds grown outdoors can produce some of the most monstrous yields imaginable. Outdoor Marijuana Seeds are difficult to choose and take some research to understand what is important when choosing the right outdoor strain.

How to grow outdoor pot seeds?

This question has many answers, but ultimately the most important thing to be sure of is that your plants have some coverage, so they don’t get wet. If plants during flowering are exposed to a lot of moisture without sufficient ventilation they can become mouldy and the crop can fail. Growing cannabis outdoors can present a lot of troubles so maybe find the easiest cannabis strains to grow outdoors first.

Indica or Sativa for Outdoors?

When choosing if your strain is Indica or Sativa for growing outdoors the main thing to think is Sativa strains may take longer to finish. If you are in a region where summer finishes early this may be a bad choice to grow a Sativa.

Choosing the Best Outdoor Seeds

When choosing your next outdoor marijuana seeds it's important to consider a lot of things. One thing to consider which may make life and growing easier is to use Auto Seeds for growing outdoors. Growing Autoflowering Seeds outdoors has many benefits as the plants will not be dependant on the seasonal changes and thus can grow and finish in the most optimal time. There are many great benefits which we list below.

  • Auto Seeds grown outdoors can have multiple harvests in a single season
  • Auto seeds are more resilient so much harder to kill.
  • Growing Autoflowering seeds outdoors is much easier
  • Auto Strains are more discrete and compact
  • Normal seeds can grow huge and thus can be highly indiscreet

Autoflowering strains are otherwise known as Ruderalis. Ruderalis is found naturally growing outdoor in parts of northern Siberia so they are genetically programmed to be highly resilient to extreme weather conditions. This step in plant evolution has been perfectly modified to suit outdoor growing conditions and this is why autos are popular outdoor cannabis seeds to grow.

What to Consider When Buying Outdoor Cannabis Seeds

So firstly you want to decide if to go auto or non-auto when deciding which cannabis seeds to grow outdoors. Auto marijuana seeds will grow much easier and almost guarantee you a harvest of some amount. Standard non-auto strains grown outdoors will produce large yields but will take a very long time to grow, leaving them more vulnerable to disease and potentially losing the crop. There are many things to consider when growing outdoors and choosing the right strain.

  1. Know your growing ability and choose a strain that is suitable for your experience.
  2. know your environment and when your sunny season will end.
  3. decide what medicinal benefits you require and if you prefer Indica or Sativa
  4. Know how discrete you need to be in planning your grow space
  5. Be sure that you have direct access to water or a good natural supply nearby
  6. Choose a strain that is as resilient to mould and pests as possible

The Best Outdoor Marijuana Seeds for Sale

We have compiled a list of the top 10 best cannabis strains to grow outdoors and you can find our favourites by visiting our website. These strains have been considered for wetter climates and the best to buy outdoor cannabis seeds UK climates suitable.