TGA Subcool Hurkle CBD Cannabis Strain Seeds
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Hurkle CBD Regular TGA Subcool Cannabis Seeds

Harlequin is a standout variety in terms of reliable CBD levels, and a cerebral, pleasantly alert high with the relaxing effects of the indica powerhouse which is Querkle.

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Hurkle CBD Regular TGA Subcool Cannabis Seeds
Hurkle CBD Regular TGA Subcool Cannabis Seeds

Harlequin is a standout variety in terms of reliable CBD levels, and a cerebral, pleasantly alert high with the relaxing effects of the indica powerhouse which is Querkle.

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Breeder: TGA Subcool

Genetics: Harlequin CBD x Querkle (Mendo Purps, Romulan and C99)

Lineage: 60% Indica 40% Sativa

Origins: Afghanistan, Hindu Kush, Morocco

Flowering Time: 8-9 Weeks

Height: 75-125cm approximately

Yields per m2: 400-600g

THC Content: 8-12%

CBD Content: 8-12%

Pack Options: Regular Seed Packs only

Seed Type: High CBD

Hurkle CBD comes from the masterful workings of green fingered team at TGA Subcool. Their goal was to create a perfect medicinal variety with 1:1 CBD THC ratio.

Harlequin is a standout variety in terms of reliable CBD levels, and a cerebral, pleasantly alert high with the relaxing effects of the Indica powerhouse which is Querkle. This award-winning combination results in a very nice slightly purple that comes though from the Purple Mendos. This one is very well balanced Indica Sativa medicinally therapeutic variety.

Hurkle CBD is an easy to grow and medium height plant that will grow with a limited amount of experience. Traditionally Querkle is an Indica variety but TGA Subcool has created this one to be very well balanced with both Indica and sativa. The finished buds are dark in green with a nice touch of colour in the afghani style bud that is sweet and spicy with a herbal earthy and woody taste with a nice shimmering in aesthetic appeal.

Hurkle CBD is a non psychedelic alternative cannabis strain that has a very slightly more Indica and lineage with a low THC and very high CBD content. When it comes to medicinal cannabis strains it is thought that balanced strains such as Hurkle CBD can offer the most benefits. This strain was not created to get you high and really will have little effect in terms of the traditional buzz you might get from a mixed hybrid marijuana variety. This one will alleviate your stress levels for sure and can be very beneficial in stopping wild thoughts that can run though peoples minds. CBD has been researched and studied intensively in recent years and if your are reading this you will know the many benefits it can potentially assist in treating.

Many people are now keeping a stash of high CBD buds for when they want to come down from a high that maybe is lasting too long or is a little overpowering. Hurkle CBD can be highly effective in reducing the high from taking many mind altering substances and can be very calming. Sometimes the side effects of taking illegal substances can be too much for a user to handle and a nice high CBD strain can assist in balancing out the unbalanced feeling one might be experiencing, therefore providing much needed relief in what can end up being a quite stressful situation.

TGA Subcool Hurkle CBD is a mixed Indica and Sativa Cannabis Strain that grows to a medium height normally under 125cm. The genetics originate from the hash making fields of Afghanistan with Harlequins heritage coming from a mix of Columbian Gold, Thailand, Switzerland and Nepalese origin. Hurkle CBD plants finish flowering in around 9 weeks and produce a good yield. Hurkle CBD is very easy to grow and will suit all grower levels.

At Cannabis Seeds Outlet UK we only sell original TGA Subcool Hurkle CBD cannabis seeds and they are kept in our fridge in optimal conditions to preserve quality.

Data sheet

Data sheet
Indica or Sativa %
40-60% Indica & Sativa
Flowering Time
6-8 Weeks 42-55 Days
8-10 Weeks 56-69 Days
Contains Genetics
Black Domina
CBD Genetics
Estimated Yield
400-500g (Medium)
THC Content
5-10% Low
10-15% Medium
CBD Content
5-10% Medium
10-15% High
Dispensary Value Per oz
£100-150 Low

TGA Subcool (who are they?)

TGA was founded in 1999 and from our previous experience was strictly against the invention of cultivation with feminized seeds. With Multiple harvest awards to their credit and a vast stock of own breed genetics they are a special breeder.

TGA has several proven hybrids and they have developed quite a reputation for customer support and for very accurate descriptions of their genetics. Our strains have been featured in the High Times Top 10 in 2006 and 2007 and 2008 and 2009 being awarded the Cover Shot as well as inside and on the cover of the big book of buds 3 and soon Big Book 4. Our main goal when making a new strain is to combine the characteristics of two strains or to replicate as close as possible a clone only phenotype that's already in demand by the growing public. We provide these to the Medical Cannabis Community as well. When combining strains it is usually to work in better or different taste such as a high potency variety such as Jacks Cleaner using Space Queen, or making available in seed form old clone only strains like Purple Urkle in our new release Querkle *(Featured in the High Times 2008 Grow Guide*). We test all of our crosses personally and our stash jars are full of our own hybrids.

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Fresh Cannabis Seeds Guarantee

At Cannabis Seeds Outlet UK we handle and store all our products professionally. We are certain that all our marijuana seeds are 95% viable and of the highest premium quality. We have a very competitive policy for dealing with faulty products issues (subject to our own discretion if the policy is abused).

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Product Info Disclaimer

Medicinal Information in our descriptions should be disregarded as it is based on assumptions rather than actual credible medical research. We cannot verify or backup any medical claims that may have been made as no scientific testing has been carried out and actual results may vary significantly.

Any information relating to growing or germination is for research purposes only and we do not condone or promote illegal use of our products. Laws around the world vary so it is the sole responsibility of our customer to check their own local laws before purchasing seeds as we cannot be held liable.

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