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We have over 2,500 major brands of feminised marijuana seeds for sale at Outlet feminized cannabis seeds UK. Just Feminized weed seeds are discounted with a minimum of 15% discounted off the Breeders recommended retail prices.

Feminized marijuana seeds are favourable as they remove the stress of having to deal with male plants in your grow room. Why would you not buy feminized cannabis seeds?

Please remember when buying feminized seeds online, the resulting plants can always produce male pre-flowers if care is not taken when growing female cannabis seeds. Stress from light leaks, overfeeding and high temperatures can all cause enough stress that a single feminized seed grown plant can turn male.

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Purple Caper GOLD LINE 4G is certainly in our best seller and most favourite cannabis strains lists for 2020. Both Girl Scout Cookies and Gorilla Glue #4 have attained legendary status in the UK with massive potency, epic taste and aroma with very high yields of short easy growing buds.
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A 1 Haze is a rapid growing marijuana strain that produces some impressive harvests. Her breeding has been born out of a combination of Hawaiian Indica mixed with Hawaiian Sativa to form a stable hybrid variety. For those who love their spicy flavours, this is one not to be missed with around the 18-24% THC Level.
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Afghan Kush x White Widow is a powerful OG Kush strain with some heavy hitters in its genetics. This Fruity tasting weed will have buds that are light green and very compact when grown correctly. Buds resemble aromas of sweet lilac with a fruity and slight woody taste. Afghan Kush x White Widow is covered with a thicker coat of trichomes due to the influence of White Widow with around 20-25% THC Content.
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C.B.D. AK CBD is a powerful pure sativa cannabis strain with very high THC, super easy growing and high potential yields. The only problems with this is it can be a little too potent and the smell is one of the most pungent we have seen.
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Chasers Alien Glue is an epic Indica cannabis variety with bright green and dense typical indica shaped buds with dark red pistils with some nice hues in the buds that are packed with so many crystals that the buds look fluffy like candy floss. The fragrance of the dried harvest is sweet and sour with a tropical Berry tastes rather woody with a slight melon. Chasers Alien Glue is a strong smelling marijuana strain so take care with your ventilation.

Benefits to using Feminized Cannabis Seeds

  • Weed seeds feminized will eliminate male plants in your grow room.
  • Reduces the risk of pollen destroying your cannabis plants
  • Potentially Feminized Seeds will produce larger yields than regular and auto seeds.
  • Buying Feminized Cannabis Seeds utilises space for growing more buds.
  • Feminized Skunk Seeds are much easier to grow when you need not worry about males.

How is it guaranteed that the seeds will be guaranteed to be feminized cannabis seeds (UK)? 

It is the process in which these seeds are created that makes them grow into only female plants. The purpose is to remove males from the crop. This is highly convenient as there is no waste and no chance your crop can get destroyed with male pollen killing your buds. This is also great if you are growing with limited space. Some people would say plants are created to be far superior to those grown from regular seeds.

A single feminized cannabis seed is genetically programmed with one instinct and that is to grow and to survive. Female plants are made to produce seeds and they grow buds and large pistols that will swell until they receive the male pollen they are waiting for. If they are starved of this pollen, they will keep swelling until they are what we say ripe and ready to harvest, when starved they can become very large.

At this stage, you will see the white trichomes turn a milky white and once 60-70% have begun to go brown we would say this is the perfect time to harvest.

Feminized seeds in the United Kingdom are the preferred choice for growers and nowadays over 95% of all the plants will be female. There are some growers that prefer to grow with regular cannabis seeds, but the demand is not so high nowadays.

How to make Feminized Seeds

Regular Seeds are created by growing a male and a female plant together and using the pollen from the male on the female. The result will simply be that the female will produce seeds.

Female seeds are created by growing two female plants side by side and stressing one of them into producing male pollen. When a cannabis plant is stressed, its natural response is to save itself by turning hermaphrodite and producing pollen to self-pollinate and produce seeds. In the process of producing just feminized seeds the pollen created is used on the perfectly healthy partner female that is by its side. The resulting seeds should result in them being feminized. The original stressed female that we took the pollen from will be discarded of and the seeds will take around 4-6 weeks to fully mature and be harvested.

There is sometimes a misconception when it comes to growing feminized marijuana seeds. We get complaints that a plant has become a male and the seeds were faulty. In most cases, this is not true, especially when growing in the summer months indoors where temperatures can become extremely high. The stress caused by crazy high temperatures can turn a perfectly healthy female seed into a male plant.

To buy feminized cannabis seeds we have a selection of some of the finest brand strains in the world available at cannabis seeds outlet uk.