Super Sativa Strains

Cannabis Sativa originates from many regions of the world that include South America, Central America, Asia & Africa. Strains from each of these regions can vary considerably so a little research is needed if you want to deep dive into this subject. 

When smoking a pure Sativa marijuana stain the effect will be more energetic and psychedelic. This can be great if you have a strong mind and are looking for wild, edgy and creative thoughts. Sativa cannabis strains tend to be fun and sociable and can be great for apatite stimulation. 

Super high THC Sativa cannabis strains can be a tricky to navigate if you suffer from anxiety and paranoia, so be a little careful if you are sensitive in this area. When smoking powerful sativa strains, this should be a time to take life a little less serious and try to sit back and enjoy the ride. If you enjoy talking jokes and laughing cannabis sativa can really make things more interesting as it can promote some wild and interesting thoughts. The novice smoker might want to try something with a little less THC or maybe smoke a little less to begin with.

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Anesia Landrace Collection Durban Poison is a colourful cannabis strain that is filled with mostly light colours and hints of purple, blue, greens and browns.This 100% Sativa is a challenge for someone looking for something different and will have awesome results for the connoisseurs.