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CBG Auto Feminized Royal Queen Seeds

A modern day legend created by mixing some awesome genetics is CBG Nectar Auto CBD with its NYC Diesel masterpiece with a new high CBD even CBG version. This CBD medicinal strain is less potent and just as delicious with a sweet citrus mango flavour that is slightly spicy and cedar chemical diesel tasting.

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Breeder:  Royal Queen

Genetics: Goliat Auto x high CBG Strain

Lineage: 30% Indica 70% Sativa

Origins: Thai Landrace, Afghani, Mexico, Columbia and Hindu Kush

Seed to Harvest Time: 10-11 Weeks

Height: 80-120cm approximately

Yields per m2: 450-550g

THC Content:  Low

CBD Content: 10-15%

CBG Content: 5-10%

Pack Options: Feminized seeds only

Seed Type: High CBD Auto

Royal CBG Automatic marks a new milestone in the RQS seed libraryshe features the highest amount of CBG within our entire genetic archive. As we as producing large quantities of this novel and exciting cannabinoid, she boasts high levels of CBD and almost no THC. Enjoy her clear-headed and soothing effect without a high.

To achieve a strain with such impressive levels of CBG, our expert breeders carefuy selected parent strains that would pass down the desired traits. By crossing the speedy and reliable Goliat Auto with a high-CBG specimen, they managed to tease out the cannabinoid and merge it with efficient autoflowering genetics. Royal CBG Automatic emerged from the process with a genetic profile consisting of 75% sativa genetics, 20% indica, and 5% ruderalis.

With 6   8% CBG, high levels of CBD, and approximately 0.09% THC, Royal CBG Automatic produces a clear-headed, lucid, and functional effect. You can smoke or vape this strain a day long to feel grounded, elevate the mood, and soothe the body.

CBG, CBD, and a complex blend of terpenes synergise to create feelings of contentment and creativity. Plus, flavours of vania bean and earth light up the taste buds with every hit, making her a distinctly sweet autoflower.

As a compact and fast strain, Royal CBG Automatic appeals to stealthy cultivators looking to grow a lot of plants in relatively sma spaces. Indoor plants grow to between 80   90cm and are perfectly compatible with sma grow tents and converted cupboards. Expect impressive yields of 350   450grams per m ², ready to harvest a mere 9   10 weeks after germination.

Outdoor plants grow to a slightly taer height of 100cm. Growers have the option to apply low-stress training to keep them lower to the ground and out of sight. The strain tolerates a variety of climate conditions and thrives in cooler conditions. Expect 30   50grams per plant from your outdoor crop.

A modern day legend created by mixing some awesome genetics is CBG Auto CBD with its NYC Diesel masterpiece with a new high CBD even CBG version. This CBD medicinal strain is less potent and just as delicious with a sweet citrus mango flavour that is slightly spicy and cedar chemical diesel tasting.

CBG Auto CBD is a very deep skunk tasting bud that is slightly darker in colour with medium to high density. The buds taste somewhere between a deep skunk taste with herbal diesel and slight chemical fruit undertones. CBG Auto CBD wi around 10% CBG and 10% CBD Content and the aroma is powerful.

Royal Queen CBG Auto CBD is a Cannabis Strain that has a Low THC content and a high CBD content. CBG Auto CBD wi give you a pleasant high that is nice and meow but never hard going. CBG Auto CBD is considered to be pretty we balanced with Indica and Sativa in its genetics but is slightly more dominant towards the Sativa side. The high should be clear headed, motivated and good for communicating with a balanced relaxed body and relief of muscle tension.

CBG Auto CBD is for the smoker that loves a Sativa but also wants stress relief and muscle relaxation normay associated with an Indica. This CBD version is for those looking for a different medicinal reward that comes from much higher CBD ratios. It is for the smoker that does not want to get overpoweringly high. CBG Auto CBD is a great appetite stimulator, relaxes muscles and is very good for stress relief.

Around 60% Of the genetics in CBG Auto CBD come from the Sativa regions of Thailand, Mexico and Columbia with the other 40% Indica originating from the hash making region of India and the Hindu Kush. CBG Auto CBD should grow medium in height finishing around 80-120cm and finish flowering around 10 weeks from seed to harvest. The buds grow with dense mixed indica and sativa like structure with buds being spiray and very we sized semi compact. Fan leaves are dark and wide reaching with a lot of room for light to pass to the lower branches. This one can get a very large so topping more than once to create multiple lower branches and a more even canopy of buds is suited. CBG Auto CBD can have slightly varied finishing times so pay attention to the pistils with at least 70% browning needed before you harvest.

Royal Queen CBG Auto CBD also gets some of its genetics from Northern parts of Asia, Eastern Europe and Russia where cannabis evolved to extreme environments and adapted to climates with long endless daylight. The Great thing about CBG Auto CBD is that it is possible to reap multiple harvests outdoors, even in regions with climates similar to the UK.

At Cannabis Seeds Outlet UK We only se original Marijuana Strains by Royal Queen CBG Auto CBD cannabis seeds and they are kept in our fridge in optimal conditions to preserve quality.

Data sheet
12 in stock
Data sheet
Indica or Sativa %
60-80% Mostly Sativa
Flowering Time
10-12 Weeks 70-83 Days
Auto Harvest 55-69 Days
Contains Genetics
CBD Genetics
Chem Dawg
Hindu Kush
Northern Lights
Estimated Yield
400-500g (Medium)
500-600g (High)
THC Content
5-10% Low
CBD Content
5-10% Medium
Dispensary Value Per oz
£100-150 Low
£200-250 High
Royal Queen (About us info)

Royal Queen Seeds is amongst the fastest growing cannabis seed companies in Europe. After building up many years of experience in growing cannabis seeds in the Netherlands, they decided to launch their own line of cannabis seeds and are now able to offer you quality feminized, auto flowering and medical seeds at a good price.

Cannabis, Marijuana, Weed, Skunk, Bud, Chronic, Ganja whatever you call it, they have a great selection of feminised, auto flowering and medical seeds for you to choose from. These days there are many different strains of cannabis seed and such a wide range of seed companies to choose from, choosing their cannabis seeds can be daunting. Here at Royal Queen Seeds they pride ourselves in offering a good selection of high quality cannabis seeds at fair prices.

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