Epic Indica Cannabis Strains

So Indica cannabis strains basically come from the regions of the world that are known for producing hashish. This includes parts of Indica, Pakistan, Morocco. Indica cannabis strains are good for hash making as they produce high amounts of resin and are super sticky to touch. This resin is collected in various ways and rolled or pressed into solid blocks of hashish. 

When smoking a pure indica cannabis variety the high is much more relaxing and associated with what’s known as a full-body stone. Indica strains can be excellent for muscle tension and pain relief. The effect is deeper and better suited for a quiet and peaceful environment. Cannabis users will typically smoke Sativa during the day and indica at night as a good quality indica strain will have you off to sleep in no time whereas a Sativa can keep you awake.

Indica cannabis strains can be better suited to those who suffer from anxiety, but they can send you a little deep into your own thought so go easy if you are an overthinker that has a snowballing depressive thought chain. 

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Blue Hashis an easy to grow and very short plant that will grow in rooms with minimal height finishing under 100cm. The finished buds are light green with some blue tints in the old school skunk style buds with a sweet, spiciness and a herbal berry taste. This one will remind you of a very tasty hash
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Resin Cannatonic is an undeniably awesome combination of the original legendary classic G13 with the most hybridized strain possibly of all time OG Kush. The combination of these two is a winner of champions at cup winning levels and one certainly for the Indica lovers to have a try.