Awesome Hybrid Strains

Nowadays there are so many cannabis hybrids to choose from it is crazy. A hybrid basically means that a cannabis breeder has taken an indica plant and used it to pollinate a sativa strain or vis versa. The offspring will be a mixed Indica Sativa Hybrid. 

Most people would say that a balanced cannabis strain can provide the best of both worlds in the effect and the way that it is grown. Plants tend to be somewhere in the middle between giving larger yields and looser bud structures. The high some might say is like a balance of yin and yang that work in perfect harmony together. The indica provides tension relief and a nice body chill, while the Sativa keeps you motivated and thought inspired at the same time. 

Most of the popular strains on our website come from balanced Indica Sativa cannabis strains as this seems to be optimal in the high and growing structure. 

For example, if you take Amnesia which lots of people love. This strain takes a long time to flower, normally around 14 weeks and produce slightly lower than average yields. The high can be a little overbearing with it being pure Sativa dominant and it’s a tricky one to grow. When combined with a strain that is more Indica dominant this can have an awesome result as the flowering time is reduced, the yield is increased, and the high is more mentally well-balanced resulting in many benefits to the grower and user.

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Anesia White Runtz is a fantastic combination and an all round epic potent hybrid Zkittles super interesting and juicy delicious tasting buds and the ever popular Gelato. This one will demand a very high street value for sure.