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Bay Burger Early V Feminized by Delicious Cannabis Seeds

Bay Burger Fast V cannabis seeds by Delicious Seeds are an Indica dominant 80% Indica 20% Sativa with Bay 11 x Donny Burger x Eleven Roses Auto genetics that finish flowering around 6-7 weeks and 80-130cm tall indoors.

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Breeder: Delicious Seeds

Strain: Bay Burger Fast V

Genetics: Bay 11 x Donny Burger x Eleven Roses Auto

Lineage: 80% Indica 20% Sativa

Origins: India and Afghanistan mostly with potential Africa, Thai and South American

Flowering Time: 6-7 weeks (45-55 Days)

Height: 80-130cm indoors approximately

Yields per m2: 500-600g

THC Content: 20-25%

CBD Content: under 1%

Pack Options: Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Seed Type: Photoperiod Fast V

Indoor / Outdoor: Indoor / Outdoor

With a THC percentage exceeding 26%, and a name that brings back good memories for you and your family, Delicious Seeds has created a new ultra-fast flowering variety, Bay Burger Early. The Bay Burger is the result of crossing this mythical plant with the indica Donny Burger (which itself comes from two other iconic varieties such as GMO and Han Solo Burger) to which we have also added this gene. It has been crossed with Eleven Roses Auto, our best-selling automatic variety. As exotic as she is, made in the USA to the fullest, and with particularities reminiscent of the most legendary Delicious Seeds varieties, this ultra-fast variety is made even faster. A flavor blend of Pine - Lemon and Kush strain flavor is perfect for the initial earthy flavor with forest notes of the Bay Burger Early version. After experiencing it, we cannot think of a better definition than an orgasm for the senses. There is also one final step: the last organoleptic explosion of metallic kush flavor in the mouth. Relaxing, typical of an indica, we do not need to explain it to you, but we have to warn you that when you try it, you are going to get a desire to laugh, and by the way, we will tell you that these will last for a long time. The first time you grow Bay Burger Early version, you realize it is an ultra fast indica strain even if you dont know all this. Its canopy reminds me of classic Afghan varieties, which have vegetative growth that is not rapid (it is the following) but stretches in the last weeks of vegetation.

Weve been impressed by the dense floral bouquets surrounded by an abundance of resin glands that cover all the buds, especially when we found that they continue to cover all the leaves even in recent weeks.

In addition to its attractive appearance, it is a very easy to cultivate plant. In addition to the fact that you will not require a large amount of nutrients, it is also extremely resistant to pests and fungi. If you are not an expert, dont worry; this is a plant you can grow no matter how inexperienced you are. Weve already mentioned that you dont need much light to grow this variety. It requires full sunlight to reach its full potential.

Bay Burger Fast V is a new super fast flowering version by Delicious Seeds. These seeds have been taken by reversing an autoflowering strains genetics so to remove the auto ruderalis traits. When doing this in a specific way the resulting plants flower much faster, but with the same results. Many people are now using Fast Version strains as it saves 1-2 weeks of flowering time, meaning you can attain more harvests every year with more easy to grow and finish plants.

Bay Burger Fast V is part of the new line introduced by Delicious Seeds to the commercial seed market as of April 2024. These marijuana strains are set to impress and we are pleased to have the available at Cannabis Seeds Outlet UK.

Bay Burger Fast V Cannabis Strain is a mostly Indica dominant variety with less than 20% Sativa in its genetics. This cannabis strain is not so creative in its high but if you are looking for a little inner perspective it is a good one for deep thought. It sometimes not so well suited for negativity and can lead to increased pessimistic thinking. This marijuana strain can really take the edge off when your having one of those difficult to deal with moments. This marijuana strain is good for stress but might get you a little over chilled so is one to smoke in good company.

Delicious Seeds Bay Burger Fast V is packed with genetics from the Indica countries like Afghanistan (Indica), Hindu Kush (Indica) with some South American (Sativa). The Plants grow with typical Indica like fashion short and dense finishing around 8-9 weeks with a height around 100cm tall. The only thing to watch is high temperatures in the grow room that can make the plants stretch.

At Cannabis Seeds Outlet UK we only stock genuine original Delicious Seeds marijuana strains in original packets and our stock levels for Bay Burger Fast V seeds are accurate. We store all our Delicious Seeds Cannabis Seeds in a commercial fridge at optimal temperatures to preserve quality and offer competitive prices, Free Feminized Seed for every £25 spent and a reliable service.

Data sheet
Data sheet
Indica or Sativa %
80-100% Pure Indica
Flowering Time
6-8 Weeks 42-55 Days
Contains Genetics
Hindu Kush
Estimated Yield
500-600g (High)
THC Content
20-25% Very High
Delicious Seeds (About us info)

Delicious Seeds are Cannabis Cup winning level breeders with years of experience and a passion for success. Based in Spain this marijuana creator is one of the leading Spanish Seed Banks.

Delicious is the door that awakens our imagination and our senses, the gateway to the state of a complete giddyness of the feelings., We put all our efforts to provide pleasurable and global experiences the world is full of beauty and our senses are the gateway that allows us to cross it., The quality of our image is a reflection of our commitment toward this world, and the best example of it is our seed bank which, supported by the best breeders, has selected the best varieties for the enjoy of the most exclusive growers.

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