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Delimed CBD Plus Feminized Delicious Seeds

A variation of Northern Light Blue that will reach percentages of up to 20% of CBD, obtaining percentages of THC ALWAYS lower than 1%.

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Breeder:  Delicious


Lineage: Mostly Sativa Dominant

Origin: Afghanistan, South America and Thailand

Flowering Time: 8-9 Weeks (55-63 Days)

Height: 70-110cm

Yields per m2: 550g indoors

THC Content: under 1%

CBD Content: up to 20%

Pack Options: Feminized seeds only

Seed Type: High CBD Auto

After several years of intense development and excellent genetic breeding work, Delicious Seeds are very proud to present you their new line of THC-FREE cannabis strains, a new product concept that meets the needs of a high percentage of growers and consumers, who only look for the benefits of CBD in cannabis and at all times want to prevent the percentage of THC in their crops from exceeding legal limits. This makes it a plant that can be planted almost anywhere in the world without having to worry about committing any infraction due to the almost zero levels of thc and they lack psychoactivity.

At Delicious Seeds after creating our first THC FREE strain, NORTHERN LIGHT BLUE, our team of breeders wanted to go one step further. We were wondering if it would be possible to increase the amount of CBD even more to create a strain that offered stratospheric CBD levels. At Delicious Seeds we are very proud to present our new variety THC FREE, DELIMED CBD PLUS variety that arises not only to satisfy the therapeutic needs of patients, but also to offer a quality product to pure CBD users who are not looking for psychoactive potency. of THC, but they do want the sedative and calming effect of CBD. The result to all these questions is, Delimed CBD Plus.

For this variety we have selected two of the best individuals in the production of cbd, fruit of the cross between a Harlequin CBD and a Dinamed CBD PLUS, as a result we obtain a hybrid variety of sativa predominance, of medium size that has a very good lateral development, From which you will obtain great yields with a very good calyx-leaf ratio and that will reach percentages of up to 20% of CBD, obtaining percentages of THC ALWAYS lower than 1%.

Unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive, a quality that, together with its multiple therapeutic properties and its ability to reduce the side effects of tetrahydrocannabinol, makes it an interesting cannabinoid. Multiple studies have shown that CBD is effective as a muscle relaxant, anticonvulsant, neuroprotective, anxiolytic, and anti-inflammatory. Therefore, it is a powerful weapon with which neurodegenerative diseases, various types of epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and even mental illnesses such as schizophrenia can be naturally treated.

DELIMED CBD PLUS once finished has a deliciously Sweet bud with berry tones and a nice earthy, herbal taste. This delicious Blueberry hybrid will have around 20% CBD and will have some nice different shades of colour in it.

The buds give off a very intense and pleasant aroma. They have a sweet but slightly sour fragrance, like tangerines. The flavor is also intense, a bit bittersweet. Reminiscent of oranges or even grapes, but with touches of incense and pine. It is a strain with a complex flavor, to which new nuances are found with each puff. Naturally, this will be enhanced by vaporized consumption.

The effect of this strain is markedly relaxing, although it is not at all narcotic, so it does not become annoying if we are going to perform any task, whether physical or mental. It can be said that it is an effect without contraindications.

Delicious DELIMED CBD PLUS origins are most likely from 3 regions of Afghanistan (Indica), South America (Sativa) and Thailand (Sativa). The Plants Grow Medium in height finishing most likely around 100cm if conditions are perfect indoors but they may stretch a little taller in high heats. Plants will grow with a slightly looser main bud density but this can be great as they produce a very high yield. DELIMED CBD PLUS is going to finish flowering in around 9 weeks and yields can be on the higher side. Sometimes the buds can get over weighted and need holding up with either strings or poles occasionally.

At Cannabis Seeds Outlet UK We only sell original Marijuana Strains by Delicious Seeds DELIMED CBD PLUS cannabis seeds and they are kept in our fridge in optimal conditions to preserve quality.

Data sheet
2 in stock
Data sheet
Indica or Sativa %
60-80% Mostly Sativa
Flowering Time
8-10 Weeks 56-69 Days
Contains Genetics
CBD Genetic
CBD Genetics
Northern Lights
OG Kush
Estimated Yield
500-600g (High)
CBD Content
10-15% High
Dispensary Value Per oz
£100-150 Low
£200-250 High
Delicious Seeds (About us info)

Delicious Seeds are Cannabis Cup winning level breeders with years of experience and a passion for success. Based in Spain this marijuana creator is one of the leading Spanish Seed Banks.

Delicious is the door that awakens our imagination and our senses, the gateway to the state of a complete giddyness of the feelings., We put all our efforts to provide pleasurable and global experiences the world is full of beauty and our senses are the gateway that allows us to cross it., The quality of our image is a reflection of our commitment toward this world, and the best example of it is our seed bank which, supported by the best breeders, has selected the best varieties for the enjoy of the most exclusive growers.

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