Cream of the Crop Bruce the Russian Cannabis Strain Seeds
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Bruce the Russian Female Cream of the Crop Seeds

Cream of the Crop Bruce the Russian is absolute pure awesomeness with a combination of White Widow, AK47, Strawberry Cough and NYC Diesel (4 epic cannabis strains in one)

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Bruce the Russian Female Cream of the Crop Seeds
Bruce the Russian Female Cream of the Crop Seeds

Cream of the Crop Bruce the Russian is absolute pure awesomeness with a combination of White Widow, AK47, Strawberry Cough and NYC Diesel (4 epic cannabis strains in one)

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Breeder: Cream of the Crop

Genetics: White Russian (AK47 x WW) x Bruce Banner (Strawberry Diesel x OG Kush)

Lineage: 60% Sativa 40% Indica Approximately

Flowering Time: 9 Weeks

Yields per m2: 500-600g

THC Content: 25-30%

CBD Content: under 1%

Pack Options: Female Only

Seed Type: Photo Period

Cream of the Crop Bruce the Russian is a Feminised Cannabis Strain that is available in Female Seed Packs only

Bruce the Russian is Absolute pure awesomeness with a combination of White Widow, AK47, Strawberry Cough and NYC Diesel (4 epic cannabis strains in one)

From the research we have done it seems a little conflicting as to the true Indica Sativa balance of Bruce the Russian . We would estimate somewhere around 60% Sativa and 40% Indica.

Bruce the Russian produces buds that are mostly different shades of green, but there are slight purple tones to the weed also. The taste is very nice with mostly a deep skunk vibe but you will certainly taste the sour diesel coming though. The glistening buds can produce over 25% THC with experience and will have an almost silver and blue shine of trichomes.

Bruce the Russian is a reasonably balanced cannabis strain with slightly more Sativa than Indica in its genetics. Bruce the Russian when smoked gives a high that is clear headed and active but will still give you a nice relaxing body effect. Bruce the Russian can be better smoked during the day and early evening as it may be one that keeps your mind ticking. The high is powerful with up to 25% THC so if you're a beginner you might want to go easy on loading in your blunts. Bruce the Russian has been known to get you wired so this is one for people who don't like couch lock.

High THC Strains such as Bruce the Russian can will lift your mood and can make you both hungry and thirsty. The specific medicinal benefits cannot be stated as we are bound by trading terms and would need scientific research to back medical claims made.

Cream of the Crop Bruce the Russian has genetics that stretch around and least 6 countries but there is an allusive part in the Strawberry Cough that is from an unknown origin. Bruce the Russian comes from Mexico, Columbia, Brazil, Thailand, Afghanistan and the Hindu Kush. With so many genetics all packed into this cannabis strain its hard to know the exact balance, but we would estimate it to be around 60% Sativa. Bruce the Russian grows quite easily to a medium height finishing around 80-120cm at most. The buds develop fast and finish flowering in around 9 weeks with a solid central cola with protruding grape like hues and a silver like shine covering the buds. Bruce Banner is an amazing strain that will be very satisfying to grow and smoke for growers of all abilities.

At Cannabis Seeds Outlet UK we only stock genuine original Cream of the Crop Bruce the Russian marijuana seeds. We store all our seeds in a commercial fridge at optimal temperatures to preserve quality.

Data sheet
Data sheet
Indica or Sativa %
40-60% Indica & Sativa
60-80% Mostly Sativa
Flowering Time
8-10 Weeks 56-69 Days
Contains Genetics
White Widow
Estimated Yield
Over 600g (Very High)
THC Content
20-25% Very High
CBD Content
0-2% Extra Low
Dispensary Value Per oz
£250-300 Very High
Cream of the Crop (who are they?)

Cream of the Crop have been trading in cannabis seeds and producing new genetics since 2012. They come in a blister pack for souvenir purposes and it also protects the seeds.

The universe of Cannabis has made some amazing progress since 6000BC. The ganja of those old occasions more likely than not been astounding yet it's currently 2020 and us astute people treat these plants like family hounds!, Taking the best qualities and attributes from various assortments we've cross reproduced them to make wonderful, rancid mutts of nature with their very own particular character characteristics. , Our objective was to offer the best Cannabis accessible available today, the total Cream of the crop and sell them at a moderate cost with the goal that everybody may appreciate Earths most sacrosanct plant. Our exploration was directed and aggregated in the course of the most recent 7 years and we presently feel we have at long last arrived at our objective. Whether your searching for something exemplary, something fruity, vivid, or fast Cream of the Crop have a strain for you. You might be after bud that is sweet, Kushy, chemy or even a little trippy - the strains we have picked are, as we would like to think, splendidly customised to suit each smoker and their inclinations. We then made these strains accessible at an extremely aggressive cost with the goal that everybody can possess their own one of a kind bit of present day "high evaluation" ganja hereditary qualities. Cream of the crop has the strain you had always wanted at a value you can bear, that is our guarantee!!

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Medicinal Information in our descriptions should be disregarded as it is based on assumptions rather than actual credible medical research. We cannot verify or backup any medical claims that may have been made as no scientific testing has been carried out and actual results may vary significantly.

Any information relating to growing or germination is for research purposes only and we do not condone or promote illegal use of our products. Laws around the world vary so it is the sole responsibility of our customer to check their own local laws before purchasing seeds as we cannot be held liable.

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