Payment Methods

We accept Credit Card Payments from All European Countries, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and some others.

Card payments will show on your bank account as from (Accessories Outlet UK)

At Cannabis Seeds Outlet UK we always handle payments with the most attention to detail and secure methods possible. When handling credit and debit card payments we will never store your card details and over the telephone card payments will not be written down.

Our website has a highly secure SSL certificate which means your details are safe and encrypted with us.

All orders paying by Credit or Debit card online will now need to be made using 3D Secure, which is to ensure no fraudulent payments can be taken from your card. When you make a payment online you will be prompted to enter your secure password through our encrypted payment processing software. We never see any of this information as it is handled by a secure 3rd party payment processing gateway.

Payments by Bank Deposit

If you want to pay by bank deposit or are in a country where we do not accept card payments you can do this quite easily online or directly over the counter in person in the local UK bank which we use.

For international banking transfers, we recommend using a company called Transfer Wise as they are easy to set up with and offer fantastic exchange rates that will save you a lot of money when compared with most banks.

If you want to pay by bank deposit we will give you the information at checkout once you have selected this option and normally we will offer you some bonus seeds up to 10% of the total amount you ordered as we will save money on the card processing fees.

For international bank transfers, we recommend using a company called transfer wise

they can save you a small fortune with crazy low fees and some of the best exchange rates possible.

We use Transfer Wise for all our foreign currency payments

Payments by Cash in the post

Payments by cash will need to either be sent to us in the post or arranged by collection in person at a location near to London Heathrow by prior arrangement. We no longer accept cheques or postal orders as they significantly delay order processing times and we have had issues with customers trying to pay with fraudulent cheques.

If you opt for sending cash in the post, please use a recorded or insured delivery option to be certain it arrives to our office safely. Very rarely cash will go missing in the post, but if this does happen we cannot accept liability for lost cash.

This is actually the most discreet method of paying for your order for those who are a little worried about leaving a trail leading back to them.

Payments by Western Union

Ideally, when paying by western Union we like you to pay directly into our company bank account to avoid delays in us getting the funds and processing your order. You can send the money for us to collect at a local Western Union outlet, but this may incur slight order processing time delays.

Western Union outlets are located all over the world if you want to go and pay over the counter with cash. Alternatively, you can easily set up the payment online at

Payments by CryptoCurrency

We accept a number of different Cryptocurrencies to make it easier for you to check out and more secure as this is a discreet payment method. Instructions will be given at checkout and you will be awarded bonus seeds up to 10% of the total amount you ordered as we will save money on the card processing fees.

We currently accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dai, Ethereum and USD Coin.