Fresh Seeds Guaranteed

Terms & Conditions

Germinating seeds is illegal in the UK so making claims for faulty products are done so at the customers own liability. We sell seeds strictly as collectable souvenirs so we would assume if you are making a claim that you have a licence to grow seeds or are in a country which allows you to grow them legally. We do not promote illegal activity and any information or seeds given will be as a gesture of good will to better handle customer complains.

If you experience problems with products on our website, we will do our best to make you feel satisfied. A happy customer is a loyal customer so if you succeed, we will succeed also.

At Cannabis Seeds Outlet UK we handle and store all our products professionally. We are certain that all our marijuana seeds are 95% viable and of the highest premium quality. We only keep stock that is less than 12 months old and everything is kept in a commercial fridge to preserve quality.

No UK supplier of seeds offer guarantees of growing or germination as they are sold as souvenirs and it is also impossible to know how a customer has handled the products. Seeds can fail for a number of reasons even if they were perfectly viable in the first place. On testing we never hit less than 9/10 seeds germination success rate.

As a standard gesture of good will for handling customer complaints regarding our products, we will offer a voucher to use for replacement products on a new order. (subject to our own discretion if the policy is abused).

How does this work?

1, Simply email us if you have any issues with products and we will respond swiftly with a response. Please be discreet as seeds are sold as souvenirs in the UK so this policy is only valid for those who have a licence to grow legally or are in a country where the law permits them to grow. We cannot be held liable for improper or illegal uses of any one of our products.

2, Please state your name and order number in the email so we can locate the original order to progress your claim.

3, Once we receive your email we will access your complaint and decide within 24 hours Monday to Friday if you have a valid claim.

4, If we decide to award free seeds we will issue them in the form of a gift voucher to which you will need to re order online and pay the postage for the replacement seeds. In the case of it being branded breeder seeds you will need to email the breeder directly and they will usually want a copy of your original invoice to progress a claim. We will not send replacement branded breeder seeds on faulty product claims, we will only send our own seeds. Some breeders will send you replacements and some will not as it varies from breeder to breeder. No company in the UK offers replacements for faulty seeds as it is such a complex issue. 

5, We will only issue replacement product vouchers once. If you claim that the replacement seeds we sent you were also faulty we will not send them out for a 3rd time.

6, Replacement seed vouchers will be valid for 6 months from the time they have been awarded so you can use them right away or you can wait and use them on a future order if you are not in a hurry.

7, To make a claim for an order you will need to have an account as vouchers awarded will be limited to use only by the person making the claim. Also this allows us to track claims and know if customers are misusing this policy.

Our discretion policy

1, If a single customer repeatedly makes claims for faulty products, we will not issue vouchers to them.

2, If a customer claims that multiple different products are faulty we would see this as highly unlikely as they would be from multiple different sources and the likeliness they were all faulty would be greatly reduced.

3, If we decide to offer you a voucher, we will use our own discretion to decide if to replace your order in full, partly or not at all depending on a number of underlying factors.

4, Replacements will be given in the form of a gift voucher. You the customer will need to go online to make a new order and pay the postage for the replacements (we will not include postage paid). You will be given a choice of at least 5-10 different strains to choose and we will include instructions on how to apply this in our reply email to your claim.