About us page

Who are Cannabis Seeds Outlet UK?

Cannabis Seeds Outlet UK is a new company for 2020 but we have a long history. We have worked for one of the leading cannabis seed retailers since 2010 and have international breeding partners that compare to high level major branded seeds. We have taken all our experience and understanding of past customer issues and decided to try to create a seed company better than all the competition.

Our online retail experience in the cannabis industry started out over 15 years ago working with a company called the Discount Seed Company. Our own desire and interest in this awesome industry led us to work with a great little company that gave us our first real insight as to how the online eCommerce world worked. During this time, we got to know some of the worlds top renowned breeders and made contacts at Cannabis Cup events that we do business with still today. We work with some of the leading suppliers for cannabis seeds and stock only the finest quality varieties with over 4,000 strains in stock.

Our New Business Model?

Cannabis Seeds Outlet UK works directly with one of the largest wholesale distributors in the UK and our stock reflects theirs. Our stock levels are automatically updated and if we show that their is over 500 packs of a variety in stock this is correct. We decided to work this way as our partners are based just 6 miles from our office and they hold over £10 Million in seed stock. Most order will be sent out within two working days.

Where We Began?

Right back in the beginning we started out the same as anyone else, with a simple love and passion for all things cannabis. The weed sold on the streets at the time was of a poor standard and contained all kinds of contaminants including glass and buds covered in sticky toffee to make them heavier. Dealing with imbeciles and never knowing what you would end up with led to the initial experimentation with the green fingered hobby growing. After some initial test runs and basic research and experimentation it became an addiction to perfect every harvest. Cannabis is fascinating to grow and the versatility in techniques is astounding. Back then we experimented with so many different systems such as Hydro NFT, Flood and drain, Auto pots, Vertical growing chambers and home made space ship looking projects.

All this experience came before we started online over 15 years ago. now sadly as we work professionally as a seed company, we no longer have a lot to do with the growing side of things. UK law is that seeds are sold as souvenirs so we have to try and adhere to this as strictly as possible if we want to continue operating legally and successfully without troubles. Our breeding partners are based in Europe where things are more relaxed so they do the hard work breeding the seeds for us.

Why we started Cannabis Seeds Outlet UK?

Lets not get it twisted, the main reason anyone starts a company is to make money! What makes Cannabis Seeds Outlet UK different is we have created a company that offers some of the best deals online with a service that is fully customer focused as we known with great customers, we have a great business (one cannot work without the other) Our advanced website displays accurate stock levels and prices that are updated every hour so you will not waste your time being told your items are out of stock after you have paid.

We have spent over 6 months creating our product inventory online with more detailed descriptions and images than other competitor websites. We have organised everything so you can do an advanced search based on all required specifications to find your perfect strain more easily. You can search based on THC Level, CBD Content, Flowering Time, Harvest Volume, Genetics, Street Value and Indica Sativa mix.

Our discounts are some of the most competitive online and our Outlet Deals simply cannot be beaten on price.

What we want in the future?

At Cannabis Seeds Outlet UK we have a lot of patience and look to the future simply as an ever evolving process that gives us time to grow and acquire more skill and experience. We would love to become one of the top most reliable players in cannabis retail and we are quietly confident about our future success. We are in this business for the long term and this is something we will always be a part of no matter how big or small.

The best outcome for the future would be that cannabis is legalised worldwide and everyone can have access to one of gods best natural given creations. It seems completely outrages that laws around the world can vary so widely. When we started out the USA was so strict, they used to hunt down seed suppliers and extradite them back to the USA to stand trial. In Thailand you can get 10 years for a single cannabis plant whilst in some states in the USA you can now get a licence and grow thousands of plants legally. One thing is that cannabis now is forever growing and governments around the world are starting to realise the harm from its consumption is very limited and the legalisation of marijuana creates many more problems than it solves. Legalisation is something that is progressing fast and we can only hope in the near future the USA can legalise federal law and all USA states can combine as one. The UK seems to follow the direction of the USA so hopefully it is just a matter of time before we see some changes here also. I’m sure the world would be a much better place if they banned alcohol and replaced it with medicinal marijuana, “don’t you”.