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Michoacan Cream Reg Cannabiogen Seeds

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Cannabiogen Michoacan Cream is one for the Sativa Lovers with a blend of 25% Northern Lights, 25% Triangle Kush and 50% Mexican Sativa. This guide is an estimate which may slightly, but the strain is awesome whatever the exact combo.

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Breeder:  Cannabiogen

Genetics: Peyote Purple (Bubba Kush Northern Lights) x Mexican Sativa

Lineage: 70% Sativa 30% Indica Approximately

Flowering Time: 9 Weeks

Yields per m2: 500-600g per m2

THC Content: 18-26%

CBD Content: under 1%

Pack Options: Regular Cannabis Seeds

Seed Type: Non Feminized

Michoacan Cream is a bud that tastes like roasted nuts and resembles the highest level of hashish. It has aromas of earth, incense, grapes and lavender with a spicy taste. The initial effect is clear and lucid, creative even, but this feeling will evolve into a state of relaxed positivity. Michoacan Cream is covered in a nice coat of trichomes with around 22% THC Content.

Cannabiogen Michoacan Cream is one for the Sativa Lovers with a very nice blend of genetics something in the area of 25% Northern Lights, 25% Triangle Kush and 50% Mexican Sativa. This guide is an estimate which may vary slightly, but the strain is full of awesomeness whatever the exact combination is. This delicious tasting bud gives off a pungent and exotic aroma, potent high and big yields of premium quality weed, its certainly one to try.

Michoacan Cream is a sativa dominant marijuana strain with approximately 70%, which is highly insightful and will leave you feeling wise and open to new thoughts. Michoacan Cream is a great social strain that can be a little psychedelic, but mostly all about its fun high that will make you laugh. There is a good portion of Indica in Michoacan Cream so you will still get some balance in the effect making it good for chilling also. Michoacan Cream is a powerful strain that Should not be underestimated with high THC this one can get you a little pranged and sometimes this can make it hard to sleep so maybe better not smoking this one just before you sleep.

This is a wonderful strain that will bring a lot of joy to the person using it. Michoacan Cream could have a calming effect on over active minds and promotes focus. Nice Sativa dominant strains are awesome for thought inspiring and most effective with creativity. For the aspiring artist or designer with a mind block on new ideas, smoke a little Michoacan Cream and you will come up with something fresh for sure.

Cannabiogen Michoacan Cream is around 70% Sativa with its origins mostly from Central America and a very small touch of Thai Sativa Also. The Indica Side comes from Afghanistan and the mountains of the Hindu Kush. Michoacan Cream grows to a medium height with an adaptable semi easy to grow structure. The plants finish in around 9-10 weeks of flowering to a height around 100-150cm. The colours in the buds are exotic and certainly something different. Michoacan Cream is an easy to grow strain that will become highly resinous and sticky to touch. In order to preserve the very best flavour Cannabiogen recommend not to harvest too late so keep a watchful eye on the trichomes and harvest before they are all cloudy and turning amber.

At Cannabis Seeds Outlet UK we only stock genuine original Marijuana Strains by Cannabiogen Michoacan Cream Weed seeds. We store all our seeds in a commercial fridge at optimal temperatures to preserve quality.

Data sheet
Data sheet
Indica or Sativa %
60-80% Mostly Sativa
Flowering Time
8-10 Weeks 56-69 Days
Contains Genetics
Hindu Kush
Northern Lights
OG Kush
Estimated Yield
500-600g (High)
THC Content
15-20% High
20-25% Very High
CBD Content
0-1% Extra Low
Dispensary Value Per oz
£200-250 High
Cannabiogen Seeds (About us info)

Cannabiogen are based in Spain and have many years experience breeding marijuana seeds. They first came to commercial market in 2014 and have grown since into a reputable brand.

The CannaBiogen collection: more than twenty years of travelling around the world in search of the holy grail, from the mountains of Jamaica and Colombia in the new world, to Pakistan, India and Thailand. Meticulous selections from more than a hundred varieties and years of seed evaluations have culminated in magnificent specimens which provide us with a sublime range. Most varieties are traditional native crops from around the world with unique genetics which should be preserved. The best Dutch genetics have also been taken into account and hybrids of exquisite quality have been created so as to bring together the best in the world. At Cannabiogen, we select the seeds one by one, testing the germination of the batches every three months. Most failures are due to the decay of the embryo by bacteria and fungi in the culture media and excess water. The seeds should be germinated in sterile media and substrates. The seeds should be treated with fungicide, and failing that, sterile water should be used. The temperature must be between 21C to 24C preferably. The plants are over matured in order to obtain a harvest of seeds under the best conditions, and the remaining plant matter is destroyed. Cannabiogen is the first seed bank to set an expiry date on the seeds. If the seeds have germination problems, the batch is checked and the seeds are replaced by others.

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Any information relating to growing or germination is for research purposes only and we do not condone or promote illegal use of our products. Laws around the world vary so it is the sole responsibility of our customer to check their own local laws before purchasing seeds as we cannot be held liable.

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