710 Genetics Seeds

710 Genetics are based in the UK, trading online since 2014. At Outlet Cannabis Seeds UK we sell them discounted 20% Discounted OFF the RRP Price.

Ace Seeds

 ACE Seeds ( are pioneers in cannabis breeding. Offering their exclusive genetics since 2005, they are the second oldest seed bank in Spain.

Advanced Seeds

Advanced Seeds is a very popular marijuana breeder based in Spain. They have been trading online since 2008 and are considered a premium brand with quality strains on offer.

Anesia Seeds

Anesia Have been producing marijuana strains since 2008. Based in Spain they are serious breeders with passion and a professional approach.

Apothecary Genetics

The Apothecary Genetics company started growing in the early '90s in Gig Harbor, Washington from our early beginnings, we were focusing on the benefits of THC, CBDs, CBNs, CBGs, & CBCs that led us on the quest to find the best hemp and cannabis strains in the world.

Auto Seeds

Auto Seeds Company is one of the earliest Auto-flowering specialists in the world, with the Auto seeds team first getting hold of the original  ruderalis genetics in 2008 on a trip to Switzerland.

Barneys Farm

Barneys farm have always been one of our favourite cannabis breeders. In our experience over the years they have been the most loved by our customers and the least complained about.

BC Bud Depot

BC Bud Depot is based in the USA. They started way back in the late 90Æs and have a reputation and passion that you want in a marijuana seed breeder.

Big Buddha Seeds

The Big Buddha Seeds Company is a fantastic UK based breeder since 2002. They are the award-winning cheese masters with the first introduction to market of the original cheese strains.

Big Head Seeds

Big Head Sees have been trading as a company since 2013 and have their main base in Spain where it allows them to freely explore and master breeding techniques and develop masterpiece marijuana strains.

Big Monster Seeds

All Big Monster varieties have been created by thorough research and development, thus guaranteeing the exclusivity of their strains.

Big Monster Seeds are based in Spain and have been trading online only since 2018. They seem to have a good range of strains.

Black Farm Genetix

Black farm Genetix are a brand located in Italy near to the city of Milan. They are a professional breeder with a website established in 2020.

Black Skull Seeds

Black skull seeds were formed by a pair of growers from the UK who moved to Spain in the early 2000Æs to perfect their growing and breeding techniques. Hailing from the southwest of the UK they had been growing for their own personal use since teen years but as time moved on felt more and more hampered by the UKÆs draconian drug laws. They grew various classic cannabis strains from Holland after weekend smoking trips to the æDam but they really wanted the time and space in their own grow rooms to select the best individuals and work on breeding strains. In the UK this felt too risky so they took the decision to relocate to sunny Catalonia where they now operate their breeding program from a rural farmhouse with loads of space, unlimited summer sunshine and are out of the way of prying eyes!

Blim Burn

Blimburn Seeds are genuine breeders that never repackage other companies seeds. They produce their own cannabis strains as a result of study and research in cultivation and breeding. They are based in Spain and have traded online since around 2013.

Bomb Seeds

Bomb Seeds are a popular brand at Cannabis seeds outlet UK. This Amsterdam based marijuana breeder is one to watch and seems to fly off the shelves.

Branded Clearance Sale

Original Branded Souvenir Packed Breeder cannabis seeds discounted clearance sale items with 30% OFF

Breaking Buds

Breaking Buds is a relatively new brand starting online in 2017. Based in Spain they are rescuers of old genetics and preservers of all the great legends.

British Columbia

The British Columbia Seed Company is the oldest marijuana seed company currently operating in Canada and North America. They have been in the business of providing quality cannabis seeds since 1995. 

BSB Genetics

BSB Genetics is a company based in Birmingham in the United Kingdom. They seem quite serious about cannabis seeds and provide a range of great strains taken from the best breeders internationally.

Buddha Seeds

Buddha seeds works on the stabilisation and improvement of cannabis genetics and especially bases its efforts on the production of the best auto flowering.

Bulldog Seeds

34 years after establishing the very first cannabis coffee shop in the world, The Bulldog Amsterdam decided to team up with some of the world's leading cannabis seed breeders to establish The Bulldog Seeds.

Cali Weed

Cali Weed are Californian Breeders of top shelf elite cannabis strains

Canadian Bred Seeds

Big in Canada, Canadian Bred Seeds are not well known in the UK but seem to have a reliable reputation.


Cannabiogen are based in Spain and have many yearsÆ experience breeding marijuana seeds. They first came to commercial market in 2014 and have grown since into a reputable brand.

CBD Crew

The CBD-crew is a collaboration between Mr. Nice (Howard Marks) Seedbank and Resin seeds. It was during the summer of 2009 when Shantibaba and Jaime decided to give it a try and bring the CBD that was tested in Cannatonic to the legendary old school genetics of Mr Nice Seed Bank.

CBD Seeds

CBD Seeds are a company focused on creating strains for medicinal purposes with less THC. Strains are generally created with ratios 1:1 THC and CBD being the highest in THC Content.á

Concrete Jungle

Concrete Jungle Seeds is a feminized seed bank established by the makers of Seeds Of Africa, with the goal of offering European cultivators the most famous North American strains from the province of California and the remainder of the USA.

Cream of the Crop

Cream of the Crop have been trading in cannabis seeds and producing new genetics since 2012. They come in a blister pack for souvenir purposes and it also protects the seeds.

Critical Mass Collective

Critical Mass is a strain famed for its massive yields, huge power and vigorous growth and firmly cemented in history by Howard Marks, Aka Mr. Nice, and legendary breeders Nevil & Shantibaba.


Dankomatics is a specialist Automatic Autoflowering Cannabis strains breeder. They started out in the late 1990's and have some excellence strains in their collection

De Sjamaan Seeds

De Sjamaan quality seeds are cultivated exclusively for us with the greatest care by a true expert: After working behind the scenes of cannabis creation for several Decades, Ingemar has become a legendary cultivation specialist.

Delicious Seeds

Delicious Seeds are Cannabis Cup winning level breeders with years of experience and a passion for success. Based in Spain this marijuana creator is one of the leading Spanish Seed Banks.

Delta 9 Labs

Based in Amsterdam For over 15 years, Delta 9 Labs has been working to locate and curate the most desirable medical cannabis seeds on the planet.

Devils Harvest

The Devils Harvest Seed Company was born of a simple desire: to craft and make readily available new indica hybrids of Cannabis that would give smokers a kick in the head.

Based in Amsterdam the Devils harvest are multiple award winning cannabis breeders with a reputation of premium standards.

Dinafem Seeds

Dinafem Seeds is a cannabis seed bank, founded in 2005, that sells the best selection of feminised, auto-flowering and medical seeds online.

Dispensario Seeds

The range of cannabis seeds from Dispensario Seeds are the result of years of work, collecting the best land race seeds from around the world.

Don Avalanche Seeds

Don Avalanche Seeds is an Andalusian based team of English, Spanish and German enthusiasts. Our experience reaches back as far as 1978, where the base for our research was set by our founding members. We also welcome the new ideas of our younger partners and communities from all over, to satisfy the needs of this fast-changing world.

Dr Krippling

Marijuana has been on this planet earth long before mankind inhabited it. Team Krippling are merely doing what we have been wired and designed by nature to do. With help from the elements, and through evolution, Mother Earth created plants aeons before bothering with us. As with all animal populations on earth, we are here to survive and procreate, but we all have a subliminal analogous purpose to transport, disperse and preserve seeds and plants to ensure genetic survival for the future. All plants are miracles, especially cannabis, and there are many overlooked and suppressed benefits to be unearthed / realised in the near future.

Dr Underground

Born in 2009, Dr. Underground Feminized Seeds brings the best hybrids with the best plants of the world in feminized version. Our seeds are 99´9 % feminized seeds.

Dragon Seeds

Dragon Seeds are a breeder located in the Netherlands with breeders across Europe.

Dutch Passion

Dutch Passion is one of the world's oldest cannabis seedbanks and one of the few remaining original seed companies. We offer our customers a variety of original classic cannabis varieties as well as some of the very best new varieties, many of these are available in regular as well as feminized seeds. We began our work in the 1970s and were formally established as a seed bank in 1987 -

Elev8 Seeds

Elev8 are a USA based marijuana breeder that were first present online in 2014 with the release of their website.

Emerald Triangle

At Emerald Triangle we have over 20 years of experience of breeding. During these years, we have invested a lot of time and energy collecting quality genetics from all over the globe. We have used all of this collective knowledge and experience to create the perfect seeds for you.

Eva Female Seeds

Eva are a marijuana breeder based in Spain with a range of quality strains that come in a nice blister type souvenir pack.

Exotic Seeds

Exotic Seed combines the qualities of Dutch and Spanish genetics creating unique and innovative cannabis seed. The creators of our high quality seed have over 20 years of experience and strong roots in the international cannabis seed family.

Expert Seeds

At Expert Seed Bank we offer a select bank of strains which are the result of an extensive hunt around the globe and time, to find the strains and breeders whose passion for cannabis seeds matched our own.

Fast Buds

Fast Buds are a specialist Automatic Flowering Cannabis seeds breeder that work particularly with Ruderalis marijuana genetics. The aim is to create and perfect fast automated strains that perform well and are as potent as possible.

Female Seeds NL

The Female Seeds Company is a budget brand but with high quality. The company Female Seeds entered the market in 2003 and have always been based in Amsterdam.

Flash Seeds

Flash seeds is a new venture from a long time auto flowering seed breeder and enthusiast. We have worked for many years creating great strains for our own use and now they are released to the public. As well as some great standard auto strains flash have produced some much bigger, heavier yielding SUPER AUTOS.

Flavour Chasers

The Flavour Chasers journey has been an adventurous and at times tough one for the team. The idea was born in England with our team having the idea to bring all the best flavours across the pond from the US to the UK and Europe.

Flavour Chasers are a premium range that comes with a premium price tag. Certainly one for the more connoisseurs that don't mind parting with the cash for something a little more special.

Flying Dutchmen

The Flying Dutchmen store opened her doors in 1998, retailing top quality cannabis genetics ever since. Before opening a retail outlet, Eddie (the founder of TFD) had been working behind the scenes with this beautiful plant for many years. What started 35 years ago as research for personal knowledge blossomed into a professional, genetics wholesale business by 1984.

Freedom of Seeds

Freedom of seeds are a cannabis breeder based in Spain with an enthesis on producing high potency and high yielding strains. They began in 2012 so they have a good history of trading online.

G13 Labs

The history of our company stretches back into the late 1980s in the north of the United Kingdom. The original Agent set up an underground collective that made their way to Amsterdam and formed connections with various other highly experienced Agents.

Garden of Green

Garden of Green is a relatively new marijuana breeder that has a good range of strains that will suit most requirements.

Garden of Green is focused on bringing you medical cannabis seeds of the highest quality. Our aim is to obtain and breed superior selections with the highest medicinal qualities of THC and CBD.

Geist Grow Seeds

Geist Grow is a brand by the Humboldt Seed Organisation that brings new hybrid cannabis varieties to the market. This premium brand offers the finest quality marijuana seeds available.


Genehtik are a marijuana breeder based in Spain and have a good reputation.

Genehtik is the result of many years of hard work and to share and exchange genetic information and experiences with farmers and breeders (breeders) amateurs and professionals, known and unknown from different countries and continents.


Genofarm has more than 15 years breeding experience in the hemp industry. Our genetics are sourced and selected from the purest strains to ensure the best quality.

Good Buzz Genetics

Good Buzz Genetics are a Cannabis Seeds Bank that offers a range of bulk seeds at cheap prices.

Grand Daddy Purp

Grand Daddy Purp (aka GDP, Grand Daddy Purple or Granddaddy Purple) is an Indica variety and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±77 days) and outdoors. Is/was never available as feminized seeds.

Green Label

In Green Labels crossings they use only the most vital and vigorous plants that nature provides during their selections. Taste and potency are key factors in the development of new varieties, as are stable and uniform genetics.

Greenhouse Seeds

The Green House Seed Company is the most successful cannabis business in the world. Winner of many international awards (31 High times Cannabis Cups, many Highlife Cups, and many more private awards in many countries), it is a leader in cannabis genetics.

Growers Choice

This breeder has been of the radar for many years. Developing new strains and helping other big breeders to get the right seeds. The experience in this company goes back to 1996 but it officially started growing seeds for other breeders since 2006.

Heavyweight Seeds

Heavyweight Seeds were originally founded in Spain in 2008. Using only highly stable pure strains, the Heavyweight team set about producing a mouthwatering selection of varieties, a range with a variety to satisfy all tastes.

Homegrown Fantaseeds

Homegrown Fantaseeds was Voted "best seed company" in the 1998 High Times Cannabis Cup, and we have earned 6 more awards in the following years. Most of our initial stock of genetics came through the wonderful growers at Positronics, Hollands first grow shop selling seeds, owned and run by Wernard Bruining.

Humboldt Seed Organisation

Here you can find lots of information about the cannabis-strains of Humboldt Seed Organisation. Type, flowering-times, thc- and cbd-content, pictures, comments, suggestions, tips, growth-diaries, comparisons, medical values, strain-profiles and much more.

Jordan of the Islands

Jordan of the Islands has established his name on the West Coast of Canada as the keeper of some of the dankest skunk phenotypes in the world. His strain God Bud - an amped up purple skunk that made people exclaim "God!" when they smelt it's heavy, sweat-sock-stankness, and saw as it's sticky resinous buds.

Just Feminized

Just Feminized is a UK based cannabis seed supplier of quality strains

Kalashnikov Seeds

Kalashnikov Seeds is a group of Cannabis seed breeders and Cannabis lovers with a military background, breeding cannabis seeds in Russia since 2002. The group has a base in Kuban region, growpartners in Saint Petersburg and in the Far East region close to China.


Kannabia Seeds is dedicated to cannabis seed growers and marijuana. This is why we offer the public the chance to buy our cannabis seeds online. Influenced by the concerns and suggestions of cannabis cultivators we have spent years developing systems that ensure the best cannabis strains and the optimal development of our strains.

KC Brains Seeds

With great strains like Northern Light Special, K.C. 36 and Mango K.C. Brains seed bank offers exceptional value for sharply priced seeds.

The various strain reviews in magazines and online show the dedicated and highly satisfied K.C. customers. One of the most popular topics being our seed named Crystal Paradise. Other well-known seeds include K.C. Brains Spontanica, and Leda Uno, the latter being the Highlife Cup Winner of 1998 among other Cannabis awards.

Kera Seeds

Kera Seeds has over 13 years of experience in the Dutch coffee shop business, this is why they know which marijuana strains are the most popular. This range is the Kera Classics, that are really known as the coffee shop classics collection.

Kiwi Seeds

Kiwi seeds began in 2002 in an attempt to save some of the fast disappearing 'old-school' genetics once the main-stay of the New Zealand/South Pacific marijuana industry.

Kush Brothers

From the city of Barcelona, one of the world capitals of Cannabis par excellence, the team of artisans of The Kush Brothers Seeds, is pleased to present to the world all the work of search selection and genetic preservation in which we have been working for so many years. Offering the lovers of this wonderful and miraculous plant an endless new cross between the old and the new world cannabis school, a new range of smells and flavours that will surely leave no one indifferent.

Kush Seeds

Kush Cannabis Seeds company has been breeding for over 15 years and their roots are in both the Hindu Kush and North America and their genetics have been gathered from the purest strains that date back generations in the Hindu Kush and decades in North America.

Lady Sativa

The Story about Lady Sativa Genetics is a simple one... we love cannabis and strive to create perfect strains for connoisseurs. Although a new strain company our roots run deep and we have been perfecting our strains ready for release to connoisseur cannabis growers across the Globe!.

Mandala Seeds

Mandala varieties fulfil strict criteria with regards to the quality of their development during the growth and flowering stages. In all their strains you will enjoy the benefits of the inherent landrace genetics that flow into the breeding line. 

Medical Seeds Co

Medical Seeds Co is a seed bank based in Barcelona, founded in 2005 by Javier Ruano with the mission of improving genetics previously selected to create seeds of the highest quality.


Medicann have been actively breeding marijuana varieties for over 10 years. The selection and breeding of high-grade medicinal strains is at the core of their organisation. Their dedicated breeding team are constantly striving to increase potency, yield and medicinal benefits for all.

Mega Buds

It all began from the same place, a desire to get more out of doing what all cannabis enthusiasts love.

Mephisto Genetics

For those just discovering Mephisto Genetics we are a small outfit of autoflower enthusiasts, founded by two friends in 2012 we've now grown to a team of 8 people split between two continents.

Ministry of Cannabis

The company founders have more than 15 years of experience in this field. Our breeders have cooperated or worked for the most famous seedbanks of this industry, and we have production and test rooms in 3 different countries.

Monster Genetics

Monster Genetics are a collection of incredible marijuana strains created in Spain by the Monster Genetics Green-fingered breeders.

Mr Nice Seeds

Howard Marks and Shantibaba, the men who created Mr Nice Seedbank, met during the late 1990s while living and working in Holland. In 1995, Shantibaba had set up the Greenhouse Seed Company. Coincidentally, at the same time, Howard was released from lengthy imprisonment in the USA.

Next Generation

Next Generation Seed Company sprouted in 1997 and has a reputation as a reliable source of great quality, unique genetics. Over a decade of providing top quality cannabis seeds, professionally selected and proven.


Nirvana's history can be traced way back to the end of the 1980s. At the time, Nirvana's founder Mau was working at Positronics, the legendary Amsterdam grows shop. It was here that he attained the knowledge and inspiration to start his own cannabis seed business.

OO Seeds

00 Seeds are a budget-priced quality Cannabis Seed producer based in Murcia Spain.

Original Sensible Seeds

Original Seeds Store was established in Newport South Wales in 1992 originally named Sensible Light Systems and Seeds. At the time, hybrid seeds and early hydroponic equipment was only available in Amsterdam. We were excited by what we saw emerging there and decided to take it back to the UK. From here we embarked on this incredible venture.

Outlet Cannabis Seeds UK

Is a new brand but with old roots. We have worked in this industry for many years and have breeding partners globally. Our Marijuana strains are of the highest standards and breed by world-renowned experts.

Paradise Seeds

Paradise is a very well known brand of cannabis seeds established in Amsterdam.

After 12 years of growing, testing and experimenting with many different varieties, Paradise Seeds was founded in 1994.

Penthouse Seeds

Penthouse seeds are a collaboration company with the Critical Mass Collective.

Philosopher Seeds

Philosopher Seeds is a cannabis seed bank involved in breeding projects since the '90s, which entered the market in 2008 hand in hand with Alchimia Grow Shop.

We are an artisan seed bank, everything is handmade with extreme care and then supervised by reputed professionals of the sector. We produce our own seeds using our own genetics, which is a guarantee of quality.

Pilchards Caviar Bodega

Pilchard's Caviar Bodega are a professional breeder based in Barcelona Spain.


Plantformers is a cannabis seed company based in the cannabis capital - Amsterdam. Plantformers Seeds focus on the roots of marijuana itself by selecting and developing strains that rejuvenate old-school landrace cannabis genetics as well as combining them with new, modern marijuana genetics to create fresh, vigorous new strains. Plantformers Seeds were first seen at the 2014 Cannabis Cup with Mekanika Haze and Mr X Kush, both of which were strong favourites!

Positronic Seeds

The first ever growshop in the Netherlands was founded by the Pot father of the Cannabis and Coffee shop Culture, Wernard Bruining, he named it Positronics. The Positronics Grow shop came with a proper variety of seeds, based on the varieties Wernard selected in the early days, like Skunk #1, Northern Lights, White Widow and all the other old school strains.

Professor Trichome

Professor Trichomeáare a Cannabis Seeds Bank that offer a range of bulk seeds at cheap prices.

Purple Caper

The Purple Caper has been growing in California for over 25 years indoors and outdoors. We are known for being the best fathers in the Bay Area and Central Valley. There is an abundance of Landrace, Heirloom, and Designer Strains here in California. We collect these from the most prestigious clubs and growers in the area. We then pollinate the best of the best with our best of 50 or better pedigree fathers for world-class results. We specialize in designer strains with the biggest yields and highest quality.

Purple City Genetics

Purple City Genetics (PCG) is an award-winning, Oakland-based collective known for cultivating unique cannabis phenotypes bred for potency, optimum yield, and superior terpene production. Our clones are absolutely free of moulds, pests, and airborne contaminants. We're extremely serious about clean, organic cannabis and the pesticide laws and regulations as defined by the DPR and CAC as standard practice we regularly submit our leaf matter for testing to ensure cleanliness and compliance. Since 2008, our guiding principle has been simple: cultivate only the best cannabis strains and grow the highest quality plants.

Pyramid Seeds

The aim of Pyramid Seeds is to distribute feminized cannabis seeds of easy cultivation and good production with the best price to professional and enthusiastic cultivators as well as dealers in this sector. They offer the opportunity of working with new exquisite fragrances and notable power varieties selected by their flavour, production and quality.


Founded in1998, R-KIEM seeds is a cooperative born of the collaboration of growers and breeders of national and international scope.

Resin Seeds

Resin Seeds is a Spanish cannabis seed bank, founded in 2008. They are the winners of 2 Hightimes, Amsterdam Cannabis Cup Awards, in 2008 and 2013.

Ripper Seeds

Ripper Seeds are another quality Spanish Cannabis Breeder with a history of cultivation spreading over 2 decades. They have a range of seeds which is impressive and offers something for all requirements.

Rockwell Seeds

Rockwell seeds are a breeder with online trading going back to 2016. They are based in Spain and offer a decent range of their own strains that they breed.

Royal Queen Seeds

Royal Queen Seeds is amongst the fastest growing cannabis seed companies in Europe. After building up many years of experience in growing cannabis seeds in the Netherlands, they decided to launch their own line of cannabis seeds and are now able to offer you quality feminized, auto-flowering and medical seeds at a good price.

Sagarmatha Seeds

Sagarmatha Seeds are an Amsterdam based marijuana breeder with a history of trading online since 2000. with over 20 years of trading success, they have a proven track record for providing quality genetics that is stable and satisfying to cultivate.


Samsara Seeds was conceived as a seed bank that seeks to offer its customers not only cannabis seeds but also a lifestyle choice and an understanding of cannabis.

They are constantly adapting to changing circumstances in search of new experiences to offer growers of their seeds.

Sativa Seedbank

The Sativa Seedbank is part of Nirvana with a history that goes all the way back to the late 1990s. They offer something a little different to normal seedbanks and are more for the connoisseurs in the cultivation of cannabis.

Secret Valley

Secret Valley Seeds are a reputable brand of seeds that base their operation over in America. They are on the premium level with prices slightly higher than other companies, but what you pay in the premium you get back in your crop with added yield and stability in the genetics.

Seed Stockers

Seed Stockers are a new brand to the cannabis market based out in Barcelona Spain. They claim to have connections to Dutch Passion and offer their seeds cheaper than anyone else online.


Seedmakers are a seed bank based over in Spain with a history online going back over 10 years as they first appeared online in 2009. They are reletively popular and price their seeds on the lower price compared with other companies

Seeds of Africa

Seeds of Africa are a seed bank with something different to offer. 

Africa is home to the finest examples of Cannabis Sativa on the planet and their intention is to pass on these pure "foundation strains" to the rest of humanity so as not to lose them forever in a world dominated by hybridised/feminized cannabis varieties.


Seedsman was originally based in Oxford UK and have been trading online since around 2002 when the seedsman online website was first registered. They are a reliable well-established brand that has a very professional approach to the marijuana business.

Sensi Seed Bank

Sensi Seeds pioneered the cannabis seed industry in 1985. Today, the company is the worlds largest cannabis seedbank with over 500 varieties. These genetics and the brand name have become true classics in the cannabis community. The Dutch government chose Sensi Seeds genetics to develop the medicinal cannabis supplied by pharmacies.

Short Stuff

Short Stuff above all is cannabis enthusiasts! Beyond that, they are passionate about auto-flowering genetics and their constant improvement. They are a group of breeders working in Spain with the aim of producing the best autoflowering cannabis strains in the world. 

SinCity Seeds

Sin City Seeds Claim to have over 17 years of experience and to have created over 200 cannabis varieties. They are based near Las Vagas in the USA and claim to be one of the leading breeders in the world.

Soma Seeds

Soma is a small seed breeding company with a very big heart. The company is owned and run by a man with real passion and true belief in what cannabis really represents.

Spliff Seeds

Spliff Seeds was founded in Amsterdam in 1995, since then it has always been their goal to make high-quality cannabis seeds available to everyone. Spliff Seeds company strains have not been the most popular on our site, but maybe it is just because they are understated.

Strain Hunters

Strain Hunters is a release of strains by the Greenhouse Seeds Company based in Amsterdam. This was Arjans latest quest to find original landrace cannabis varieties to bring to the commercial market.

Sumo Seeds

Sumo Seeds are a successful marijuana breeder based in Amsterdam. They have a vast selection of strains available for commercial sale and have been present online since 2013 when was first registered.

Super CBDx

SuperCBDx was born when the owner found out he had cancer and was searching for alternative treatments that could assist with saving his own life. The main goal was to find strains that were not so heavy in THC as the active compound was a little overpowering as a medicine in his opinion.

Super Sativa Seed Club

Super Sativa Seed Club was one of the first cannabis seed banks in the world. Established in the 1980's they have sold millions of marijuana seeds in the USA, Europe and Asia.

Super Strains

The SuperStrains seeds company was established in 2010. They are based in the Netherlands and in fact the company activities took place for numerous years under the supervision of nutrient producer HY-PRO, becoming independent just was a logical consequence. 

Sweet Seeds

Sweet Seeds are one of the leading Spanish Cannabis Breeders. Based in Valencia, they have developed some of the most popular selling cannabis strains on our website.


Tastebudz is a cannabis breeder based in the UK near Norfolk with a newly established range available since 2019.

TGA Seeds

TGA has founded in 1999 and from our previous experience was strictly against the invention of cultivation with feminized seeds. With Multiple harvest awards to their credit and a vast stock of own breed genetics, they are a special breeder.

Top Shelf Elite

Top Shelf Elite Seeds is a cannabis seed bank that was founded in 2012 and has since continued to grow from strength to strength! Top Shelf Elite have been busy crafting new exciting marijuana hybrids that use rare and coveted cannabis phenos to produce something truly extraordinary.

Top Tao

Top Tao have been breeding cannabis for more than 20 years. They follow the underground growers' tradition and use their experience. They have been cooperating with Ruderalis since 1998.

Unlike most new seed companies Top Tao only produce Regular Cannabis seeds as in their opinion Regular plants produce better results than feminized seeds.

Tropical Seeds

Tropical Seeds Company was first presented publicly in the year 2008. The previous years were intense and harsh to make the project possible. From the first beginning, the base was chosen to be local pure strains, being sativas the most numerous. 

VIP Seeds

VIP SEEDS was created by the best genetics:

  • Russian,
  • Spanish,
  • American,
  • Dutch,
  • Canadian.

The seed bank consists of exclusive cannabis varieties of the highest quality, carefully cultivated, dedicated and tested by our breeders worldwide.

Vision Seeds

Vision has been selling quality cannabis seeds to satisfied customers all over the world since 1995, Cannabis seeds from the world's best breeders, brands and suppliers.

White Label

White Label is a brand released by the Sensi Seed Bank in 2001. The Sensi Seeds brand is one of the most renowned in Amsterdam and possibly in the top 5 of all time worldwide breeders.

World of Seeds

World of Seeds is a historical breeder based in Spain that was first online in 2005. They offer a vast range of cannabis varieties that cover all the categories of genetics to suit everyone's requirements.

Yieldmonger Seeds

Yieldmonger is a new breeder to be listed on our site in 2021. They have many years of experience in this industry and bring only the finest marijuana strains to market.

Zambeza Seeds

Already among the fastest growing suppliers of cannabis seeds in Europe, Zambeza Seeds ambition is to become a household name globally in the coming years. Drawing from our vast experience in cannabis breeding in Holland, we introduced a whole new line of seeds into the market, calling them the Zambeza Seeds.