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Seedmakers are a seed bank based over in Spain with a history online going back over 10 years as they first appeared online in 2009. They are reletively popular and price their seeds on the lower price compared with other companies

Seedmakers pick seeds from expert and independent breeders; many of them with years of work experience in other seed banks; in Seed makers, they've got the philosophy of accessible seeds for everyone; Do you know that a plant can produce between 1000 and 50000 of seeds depending on its size? Quality seeds can be sold at a very reasonable price.

Selecting, crossing and setting various varieties, they offer high-quality seeds, all of them feminized, getting the best prices of the market.

Their seeds are the result of the most careful selection of parental, to cross them between the best specimens. Varieties they offer are the result of the breeder's interest in improving varieties, the result of the effort for brushing up that what is really special.

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Seedmakers AK Auto is a potent Sativa Dominated Cannabis Strain with the all-powerful AK47 in its genetics. This Automatic strain will grow dense with very good central buds that get big and sticky very fast. AK Auto is a very resilient strain that is perfect for beginners and is known for being virtually indestructible.