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When it comes to cannabis seeds, you want the top-quality options available to ensure the best results. Look no further than Royal Queen Seeds! They offer a diverse selection of seeds that cater to every grower's unique needs. 

From classic strains to innovative hybrids, you can find it all with Royal Queen Seeds. With their commitment to sustainability and high standards for quality, you can trust that your yields will be top-notch. So why settle for less? Elevate your cannabis game and shop Royal Queen Seeds now.

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20% OFF clearance sale Item This item is new within the last month and comes in a sealed souvenir pack. Get an Extra 20% OFF all Purchases of Royal Queen Seeds (ends 30th November) New Standard Lower Prices as of August 2023 Royal Queen Special Kush No.1 has original Afghani genetics that are the backbone of so many modern hybrids. This near pure Indica has near pure Indica dominance and a good THC Level
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55% OFF clearance sale ItemThese item are slightly older around 12-36 months and should come in original sealed souvenir packaging.Get an Extra 20% OFF all Purchases of Royal Queen Seeds (ends 30th November)New Standard Lower Prices as of August 2023Royal Queen Royal Haze Auto is a blend of two awesome cannabis strains with a result that has the power and Sativa dominance Amnesia Haze with the delicious Sweet Afghani Skunk. Royal Haze Auto Buds have a nice skunk earthy taste with the buds being colourful and covered in shimmering THC up to 25%.
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Cereal Milk cannabis seeds by Royal Queen are a balanced cannabis variety, very slightly Sativa dominant with Y Life (Girl Scout Cookies x Cherry Pie) x Snowman genetics that finish flowering around 8-10 weeks and 100-150cm ta indoors.
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Epsilon F1 Auto cannabis seeds by Royal Queen are a balanced cannabis variety, very slightly Sativa dominant with Blue Dream x Blueberry x Amnesia Lemon Haze x Black Domina that finish seed to harvest around 10 weeks and 50-75cm ta indoors.
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A modern day legend created by mixing some awesome genetics is CBG Nectar Auto CBD with its NYC Diesel masterpiece with a new high CBD even CBG version. This CBD medicinal strain is less potent and just as delicious with a sweet citrus mango flavour that is slightly spicy and cedar chemical diesel tasting.
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Mimosa Auto is a cross of two of the finest strains Orange Punch and Lemon Haze Auto, bringing together the berry and citrus flavours of its parents, to produce a fresh uplifting cocktail to tickle your tastebuds.
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The  breeders at RQS created the automatic version of this popular dessert strain by crossing her with Old Skunk Auto. Out came Purple Punch Automatic, a mighty, moreish strain made up of 75% indica, 20% sativa and 5% ruderalis genetics.
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Sunset Sherbet is itself a blend of Pink Panties and GSC, and it endowed Sherbet Queen with some deliciously fruity flavours. Pink Panties, on the other hand, is a blend of Burmese and Florida Kush that offers a lemony kick with an herbaceous aftertaste.
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Royal Queen Runtz is a blend of seductive awesomeness with two epic hybrids combined in one with a coming together of Gelato and the rainbow coloured Zkittles. This elegant beauty wi bring you a moreish encounter that wi leave you wanting more.
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Triple G gets its name from the cross which created it, viz. GG#4, previously known as Goria Glue #4, and Gelato #33. Already big hitters in themselves, brought together in this new 85% indica hybrid created something novices should beware of!
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Royal Queen Sweet ZZ Auto is a delicious strain with a combination of seriously powerful Amnesia and Goria Glue which you should expect to be slightly spicy with a taste of cedar wood and the high wi be psychodelic and mind bending.
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Marula Fruit is a rather exotic strain but one which is very easy to grow. It resulted from a cross of a land-race strain from Mozambique and an indica from Mendocino County in California. It's a high-THC strain with good yields and a very therapeutic, relaxing effect.
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Fat Banana Auto is an interesting strain to grow which finishes with a lovely shade of purple and blue covered with trichomes and with a fragrance that is pure bliss. The original Fat Banana was given her name for a reason. Her bulbous buds produce a fruity and sweet terpene profile.
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Royal Queen Haze Berry Auto is a lovely approximately 60% Haze hybrid with buds that are sativa style but semi dense and fu of colour. They have an aroma of citrus fruit and cedar while the intense flavour is lemony with hints of pine, incense, sweet fruit and Haze.
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Royal Queen HulkBerry Auto is a variation of Bruce Banner a strain named after the character in the Incredible Hulk. This is because with experience this one can achieve very high THC levels up to 26% and the crops are heavy weighted.
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This indica-dominant variety first appeared in the 1990s. The strain was famed for its scent of musk, spice, and tanginess. She was merged with Cali Sativa Haze to add lively sativa genetics to the mix. Garlic Mist features a balance of 50% sativa and 50% indica.
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El Patron is a combination of two legends to create one epic cannabis strain. Both of these strains are known for potency, high street value and delicious tasting buds. The Shiva Skunk reduces flowering times and increases yields of the original Amnesia.

Royal Queen Seeds (who are they?)

Royal Queen is one of the fastest-growing marijuana breeders in Europe. With over 20 years of experience trading marijuana seeds in Europe and a vast strain inventory with over 100 cannabis strains, they are becoming a force to be reconned with.

Royal Queen Seeds was founded in Amsterdam in 1999 and has since become a trusted name in the cannabis community. They specialize in breeding and cultivating premium cannabis seeds, with a focus on both indica and sativa genetics. Their extensive library of strains includes hybrids, auto-flowering varieties, and CBD-rich strains.

The main business now runs out of Barcelona as laws have become favourable for breeders to have bases in Spain. With the freedom of experimentation and cannabis exploration, the RQ team are building a very strong reputation.

Why buy Royal Marijuana Seeds?

  • 100% Organically grown seeds.
  • Guaranteed Germination rates.
  • Over 20 years of cannabis breeding experience.
  • Huge variety of Autoflowering, Feminised, CBD and Regular marijuana strains.
  • A highly reputable brand with physical stores in Amsterdam and Barcelona.
  • Premium quality at reasonable prices.

Royal Cannabis Strains

The breeder has developed their range with a distinct and well-understood knowledge of cannabis community trends. They cater for everyone with varieties taken from every corner of the planet and breeding programs that compete at a top-level. With over 100 Royal Queen strains for sale this company has a CBD Range, Fast Flowering Versions, Feminized, Autoflowering and really something for everyone.

Royal Queen Seeds is a reputable seed bank known for producing high-quality cannabis seeds. With years of experience and a passion for breeding exceptional strains, they offer a wide range of cannabis seeds suitable for both beginners and experienced growers.

At Royal Queen, some of the most popular modern varieties include strains such as Green Punch, Critical Kush, Cookies Gelato, Wedding Crashers, Gorilla, Watermelon, Purple Punch, Runtz, Mimosa and Do si dos. Royal Queen has a variation of nearly every popular modern-day cannabis strain available.

At Royal Queen, you will also find most of the original most loved classic cannabis varieties such as the original White Widow, Northern Lights, Ice, Bubblegum, AK, Haze, OG Kush, Sour Diesel etc.

Our personal opinion of Royal Queen Marijuana Strains

With our own extensive history in trading cannabis seeds, we know Royal Seeds is a company that shines above others. From the high-end shops, they have opened in Amsterdam and Barcelona to the many cannabis harvest awards they have won. This company is certainly one you can trust when you think about which cannabis seeds to buy next.

We have been selling Royal Queen seeds for some time and they have always been popular and easy to stock. The company are easy to deal with and work on a commercial scale which is comforting to know.

Royal Queen Marijuana Strains

Royal Queen has chosen a retail packaging that is effective and well designed. The souvenir seed packaging offers a sleek design with protected seeds that are contained in a blister bubble pack. This is nothing out of the usual in terms of design, but it delivers a reliable end product that offers good tamper-proofing. When receiving your seeds it's important to be 100% sure they have not been tampered with. Especially for the more paranoid grower, you really want to choose a reputable supplier.

Royal Queen souvenir packs display all the information required on the pack with very clear branding. On the reverse side, you will find the typical disclaimer stating cannabis seeds are sold as souvenirs and only for collectable purposes only as the law requires.

We are officially registered distributors of the Royal Seeds brand and you can find our details on their website retailers list. We will always send your seeds in original Royal Queen packaging and you can be sure they are fresh as we store every pack in optimal refrigerated conditions to preserve quality.

Royal Queen Seeds Harvest Awards

Royal Queen Seeds has consistently produced high-quality cannabis seeds over the years. Their dedication to excellence has not gone unnoticed, as they have been awarded numerous accolades for their outstanding strains. In this document, we will explore some of the most notable awards from Royal Queen Seeds.

High Times Cannabis Cups

The High Times Cannabis Cup is a prestigious event that showcases the top players in the cannabis industry. Royal Queen Seeds has been honored with multiple awards at this renowned competition, including:

1. First Place - Hybrid: In 2017, Royal Queen Seeds took home the first prize in the Hybrid category for their legendary strain, Blue Dream. This strain is known for its balanced effects, fruity aroma, and potent THC content.

2. Second Place - Sativa: In 2015, Royal Queen Seeds' Super Skunk secured a second-place finish in the Sativa category. This strain is known for its uplifting and energetic high, as well as its pungent and skunky aroma.

3. Third Place - Indica: In 2016, Royal Queen Seeds' White Widow placed third in the Indica category. This legendary strain is renowned for its strong body buzz and medicinal benefits.

Spannabis Cannabis Champions Cup

The Spannabis Cannabis Champions Cup is another notable cannabis competition that recognizes the industry's best products. Royal Queen Seeds has triumphed on multiple occasions at this tournament:

1. First Place - Sativa: In 2015, Royal Queen Seeds' Super Haze took first place at the Spannabis Cannabis Champions Cup in the Sativa category. This strain is known for its energizing and cerebral effects.

2. First Place - Indica: In 2017, Royal Queen Seeds' White Widow once again claimed victory at Spannabis, this time in the Indica category. This strain is renowned for its potent effects and ability to relax the body.

3. Second Place - Sativa: In 2017, Royal Queen Seeds' Super Skunk placed second in the Sativa category at Spannabis. This strain is known for its skunky aroma and euphoric high.

Cannabis Cups of Europe

In addition to their international recognition, Royal Queen Seeds has also received numerous awards at various Cannabis Cups of Europe. Here are some notable achievements:

1. First Place - Sativa: In 2017, Royal Queen Seeds' Super Haze won first place in the Sativa category at the Cannabis Cup of Barcelona. This strain is known for its uplifting and energetic effects.

2. First Place - Sativa: In 2017, Royal Queen Seeds' White Widow won first place in the Sativa category at the Cannabis Cup of Madrid. This strain is renowned for its potent effects and ability to stimulate creativity.

Royal Queen Seeds' dedication to producing high-quality cannabis seeds has resulted in an impressive collection of awards. Their strains have consistently impressed juries and consumers alike, earning them recognition at prestigious events such as the High Times Cannabis Cup, Spannabis Cannabis Champions Cup, and various Cannabis Cups of Europe. With their commitment to excellence and a constant drive to innovate, Royal Queen Seeds continues to push the boundaries and set the standard for excellence in the cannabis industry.