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Founded in1998, R-KIEM seeds is a cooperative born of the collaboration of growers and breeders of national and international scope.

Their main objective has always been the preservation of genetics, by breeding and developing new hybrids and poly hybrids. Due to that, they have been able to preserve their strains original essence.

Their seeds are directly hand collected, under strict temperature and humidity controls, which guarantees the best selection of their product.

Their seeds maintenance and development is performed in 100% organic cultivation.

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R-Kiem G.O.S Regular (AKA WIFI Punch) is a really awesome mix of two massively popular marijuana varieties. This one is for the purple lovers with purple Punch being combined with an OG Kush hybrid called White Fire. This strain is around 50% OG Kush with 25% Daddy Purple and 25% The White.
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Harybois a cross of Zkittles and a nice Skunk Afghani that combine a mass of genetics including Mendocino Purps, Skunk #1, Thai Sativa, C99, Chemdawg and Kush. This beautiful Purple Afghani will produce colourful buds that finish with around 20% THC depending on experience.