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The aim of Pyramid Seeds is to distribute feminized cannabis seeds of easy cultivation and good production with the best price to professional and enthusiastic cultivators as well as dealers in this sector. They offer the opportunity of working with new exquisite fragrances and notable power varieties selected by their flavour, production and quality.

Pyramid is a cannabis seed bank recognised worldwide for more than a decade. They are professionals in the industry and they offer a high quality of genetics with unique, own and outstanding varieties in the market, and they are specialised in the commercialisation of cannabis seeds.

They work and offer two types of seeds: Feminized and Autoflowering.

Feminized cannabis seeds are developed with the absence of male chromosomes to ensure that when they are grown, they will flourish as females and produce resinous, seedless buds.

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are genetically crossed with Rudelaris giving them ideal characteristics to facilitate cultivation, they do not require strict light cycles, are resistant to infections, mould, pests and extreme cold. Ideal for open ground or places at home without the need for a spotlight, such as balconies or near a window.

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Pyramid Auto American Pie contains the highly reputed power punching strains White Widow and Power Plant. These 2 cannabis varieties have attained their reputation as they deliver high strength and they are super resilient. Both these strains can be found in many hybrids as they are indestructible. The White Widow is known for its super shiny silver coat of trichomes with Power Plant known for monster harvests.
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Pyramid Olympia is a combination of two awesome Cannabis Strains that both have a reputation for being very hard to kill when growing. They both have a killer high but are known for different reasons. OG Kush is known for its Indica Dominant tight compact and delicious buds, where as Power Plant is known for vigorous high yielding buds that can become monstrous.