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Our company, Pot Valley Seeds, was born out of a passion and appreciation for cannabis and hemp that many of us have developed over the years. They were established in 2016. Although they were relatively new when they were created, they have been involved with cannabis for over 25 years. Medical benefits of cannabis and the need to preserve its genetics are of importance to them. In the future, they can use it for medical purposes. Making the most of this knowledge and experience has been their goal. Their goal is to provide a wide range of stable and stable strains.

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About Pot Valley Cannabis Seeds

In 2016, Pot Valley Seeds was established out of the passion and appreciation for cannabis and hemp that many of us have developed over the years. They may be relatively new at the time of their creation, however they have been involved with cannabis for over 25 years. They are strong believers in the medical benefits of cannabis and the importance of preserving its genetics. This will enable them to use it for medical purposes in the future. With this wealth of knowledge and experience of the plant in their hands, they have decided to make the most of it. They have decided to offer a wide range of fantastic strains that are stable and stable.

As far as their philosophy is concerned, it focuses on the quality of their genetics that are the result of years of intense breeding. All of their strains have exceptionally strong medicinal and recreational properties as well as specific terpene profiles that guarantee that each strain has a unique aroma and taste. To ensure that their products are genuine and authentic, they apply a holographic security seal.

Pot Valley Original Cannabis Strains

Pot Valley Seeds are an experienced breeder with a lot to offer in terms of new genetics and premium quality. The current range offers both Feminized and Regular Varieties of both modern and classic marijuana strains.

Pot Valley are available in Feminized Seed variety with an impressive range of marijuana strains to include the likes of Strawberry Marshmallow, Sour Moonfire, Grand Exodus, Frosty Purps, Her Majestys Kush, Crystal Sherbet, Masters N Crime, Grand Exodus, Orange Snap, Sunset Flame, Dark Energy, Golden Monkey, Kings Fudge, Fruity Flavourz, Icing on the Cake, Kings Fudge Cake, Moonlight Dreamz, Neopolitan, Strawberry Zee, Strawberry Star Fruitz, Tutti Deliciouz, Candy Twist, Night Lights, Strawberry Marshmallow Reverse and Twisted Lemon Ripple. All the Pot Valley Strains are available to buy discounted at Cannabis Seeds Outlet.

Why buy Pot Valley Cannabis seeds

  • Over 25 Premium Strains to Choose from
  • Over 25 Years Breeder Experience
  • Every Batch Tested Before Release
  • Focus on Medicinal and recreational Markets
  • Produces Premium Top Shelf Buds

In our opinion Pot Valley offer an impressive and unique variety of strains that really specialise in bringing the best of the best in marijuana genetics to the world markets. This premium range offers something for everyone and really will give you a top shelf marijuana bud.

Pot Valley Weed Seeds comes in a very collectible souvenir package that is a sealed foil pack to prove authenticity. Besides being impressive, the packaging offers everything you could ever need from a collectible perspective and keeps the seeds fresh and viable.

Pot Valley Seeds Discounted

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We are authorized dealers for Pot Valley Ganja Strains collection. This gives us official rights to sell this seed banks marijuana strains at Cannabis seeds Outlet UK.


Information updated as of October 2022