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Is a new brand but with old roots. We have worked in this industry for many years and have breeding partners globally. Our Marijuana strains are of the highest standards and breed by world-renowned experts.

Outlet Cannabis Seeds UK are a brand new expert company for 2020 with a long standing history in the marijuana business. We have specialist breeding partners that have helped us create a superior range of cannabis strains. Our own marijuana strains are all you could ever want with both unique and popular well know varieties.

At Outlet Cannabis Seeds UK we also sell products from many well known international breeder. All our branded strains come in original souvenir packaging and we handle and store seeds in the most professional manor.

Give Outlet Cannabis Seeds UK a try and we are sure you will be fully satisfied with the level of service received and out customer focused trading policies created from our years of understanding in this business.

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Auto AK47 is a potent Sativa Cannabis Strain that is one of the most powerful when it comes to strains with Ruderalis in its genetics. The plants will grow dense and short with very good central buds that get big and sticky very fast. AK47 is a very resilient strain that is perfect for beginners and is known for being virtually indestructible.