List of products by brand KC Brains Seeds

With great strains like Northern Light Special, K.C. 36 and Mango K.C. Brains seed bank offers exceptional value for sharply priced seeds.

The various strain reviews in magazines and online show the dedicated and highly satisfied K.C. customers. One of the most popular topics being our seed named Crystal Paradise. Other well-known seeds include K.C. Brains Spontanica, and Leda Uno, the latter being the Highlife Cup Winner of 1998 among other Cannabis awards.

K.C. has been travelling around the world since 1979. Making friends, exchanging seeds & knowledge. Combining the experience of those new friends with that of his old friends from the 60s in Holland.

K.C. is extremely particular about his strains and rigorously tests each strain for its germination, potency, and viability on a regular basis. Whilst K.C. Brains Seeds as a brand is not pretentious or brags, it has proven to be an extremely reliable and consistent source for the Cannabis lover. All of the strains are guaranteed the same level of quality as your coffee shop favourites. K.C. Brains is not known for messing about with random genetics and ending up with a less than satisfying