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In the last few decades, Grounded Genetics has remained behind-the-scenes, focusing on cultivating and producing hash on the legacy market, and this has allowed them to enhance their reputation within the global cannabis community. In addition to placing first at events like the Legends of Hashish in Amsterdam, they have won collaborative victories with DNA Genetics and Marimberos throughout Europe as a result of their dedication.

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New Standard Lower Prices as of August 2023Zilk Road cannabis seeds by Grounded Genetics are a well balanced 60% Indica 40% Sativa with Ozark F1 (OG Eddy Lepp x Zkittlez x Gelato #41 x Sherbet) x Z Road genetics that finish flowering around 8 weeks and 90-140cm indoors.

About Grounded Genetics Cannabis Seeds

Throughout the last few decades, Grounded Genetics has remained behind-the-scenes, concentrating on cultivation and hash production on the legacy market, and has become deeply entrenched in the global cannabis community. As a result of their deep dedication, they have been able to build several award-winning extracts and flower brands, placing first in events such as the Legends of Hashish in Amsterdam, as well as winning collaborative victories with brands such as DNA Genetics and Marimberos all across Europe.

As a result of their passion for gathering genetics, curating new terp profiles, and staying ahead of the curve, the decision to develop a breeding programme was a natural consequence of their need to further evolve the flavours that they love to smoke so that they can be enjoyed by everyone. As a rule of thumb, every line Grounded Genetics releases has been tested by themselves both in-house as well as by friends in multiple rooms; a process that is fully documented and has been thoroughly documented.

Grounded Genetics Marijuana strains

The team at Grounded Genetics is very proud to be able to share with the culture some of their finest work to date in the form of seeds for the first time.

Grounded Genetics offers superior quality cannabis strains such as 41 Sherb, Blue Bacio, Caviar Lime, Designer Sherb, Frootz, Jumpshot, Ozark, Pinata, Pink Limez, Apple Fudge, Candy Gas and The Glow and they are available to buy online now.

Why Buy Grounded Genetics Cannabis Seeds

  • Internationally connected breeders
  • Deep and Spiritual Passion for Cannabis
  • In House Testing on every Strain Released
  • Award Winning Marijuana Varieties

Grounded Genetics has a professional approach to breeding marijuana and seems to be a brand worth its weight in the industry. You will see the Grounded Genetics varieties on the top shelf in marijuana dispensaries as it delivers a premium hit.

If you purchase Grounded Genetics seeds, you are getting to get a very cool souvenir package as part of your purchase. Not only is it beneficial for keeping seeds healthy, but it is also very useful for collecting seeds in the future.

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We are authorized dealers for the Grounded Genetics Cannabis Strains Range. This gives us official rights to sell this seed banks ganja seeds at Cannabis seeds Outlet UK.