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The Female Seeds Company is a budget brand but with high quality. The company Female Seeds entered the market in 2003 and have always been based in Amsterdam.

It became a huge success because of the low priced quality seeds concept. Our seeds became so popular that we had difficulties with supply. At that moment many more feminised seedbanks started to enter the market. However, a good reputation, reliable and unique product and friendly service helped us to differentiate ourselves from the mass.

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Female Seeds Auto AK is a potent Sativa Dominated Cannabis Strain with the all-powerful AK47 in its genetics. This Automatic strain will grow dense with very good central buds that get big and sticky very fast. Auto AK is a very resilient strain that is perfect for beginners and is known for being virtually indestructible.
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Chem OG buds are dense, very light in colour and covered with around 20% THC. The buds taste slightly citrusy with a very pungent fruity odour. Chem OG is Indica dominant with a warm peppery taste with a slight Citrus hint. The odour can really get powerful towards the end so make sure your carbon filters are fresh.
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Grapefruit is early maturing, fast flowering and maximum yielding. Buds have a soft smell of Grapefruit, sweet taste and intense tropical high. The buds are multi coloured with purples, blues and greens. Grapefruit is mostly made up of C99 with a super strong fruity Thai Sativa.