List of products by brand British Columbia

The British Columbia Seed Company is the oldest marijuana seed company currently operating in Canada and North America. They have been in the business of providing quality cannabis seeds since 1995. 

More than 30,000 satisfied customers over the past 10 years can attest to the quality of their genetics., When you purchase seeds produced by The BC Seed Co, you can rest assured that you are getting the best bud for your buck. Our dedicated breeders are working constantly to bring you the finest pure strains and hybrids. Everything is grown under carefully controlled conditions to ensure genetic integrity and seed viability.

Why Choose British Columbia Seeds

Since 20the early 90’s British Columbia Seeds have been breeding awesome marijuana varieties. Based in Canada they gained respect as professional marijuana breeders that deliver awesomeness with every plant.

British Columbia Seed Bank is famous for developing epic F1 hybrids from pure landrace strains. The BC Seeds Company was famed for being the number one rated seed bank in 2016. Their strains are reliable and potent matching most Spanish and Dutch breeders.

In the British Columbia Weed Seeds range you will find classic combinations of well-known varieties such as Afghani, Northern Lights, White Widow, Big Bud and Kush.

Why buy British Columbia Cannabis Seeds:

  • 99% Feminized Seeds Guaranteed
  • 99% Germination rates Guaranteed
  • 100% Awesomeness Guaranteed
  • Over 2 decades experience

Our Opinion of British Columbia Marijuana Seeds

British Columbia Seeds are in the slightly higher premium range of seeds with a higher than average price tag. For this, you get over 20 years of breeding experience delivered with a professional top-level guarantee.

We are an official authorised retailer for British Columbia Feminized Seeds and we will always supply in original fresh packaging. We have most strains including Purple Lightning, Afghani Dream, Couchlock, Northern Lights No5, Cali Mist, Columbia Haze and Super Kush.

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