Best Selling Strains of 2023

These are the top best selling strains that we have sold at Cannabis Seeds Outlet UK in 2023. Customers rate these marijuana seeds the highest and keep coming back to repeat purchase.

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New Standard Lower Prices as of August 2023Critical Runtz cannabis seeds by Sensi Seeds are a slightly Indica dominant 70% Indica 30% Sativa with NL#2 x Skunk Kush x Jack Herer x Durban genetics that finish flowering around 8-9 weeks and 80-130cm tall indoors.
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New Standard Lower Prices as of August 2023Banana Punch is estimated somewhere around 30% Sativa and 70% Indica. This one has a massive combination of genetics including Mendo Purps, Mass Super Skunk, Diesel, Afghanistan Chemdawg, Lemon Thai and Hindu Kush
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New Standard Lower Prices as of August 2023Just Feminized Sour Cookies Gum we think gets its name as it has the power to put a super strength glue on your ass. The couch lock if you get some of the finest Sour Cookies Gum will knock you out for the count.
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New Standard Lower Prices as of August 2023 Barneys Farm Glookies is certainly in our best seller and most favourite cannabis strains lists for 2020. Both Girl Scout Cookies and Gorilla Glue #4 have attained legendary status in the UK with massive potency, epic taste and aroma with very high yields of short easy growing buds.

Best Selling Cannabis Seeds of 2023

So the best selling genetics that have been repeatedly purchased seem to be anything with Girl Scout Cookies, Gorilla Glue, Wedding Cake, Purple Punch, Cheese, Bruce Banner, Gushers, Mimosa, Runtz and Zkittlez to name the most popular. These strains seem to be what the producers are releasing and what customers are looking for. 

Best Selling Marijuana Seeds of 2023

The best selling marijuana seeds in our opinion are listed in this section. This is quite a task as we sell over 5,000 varieties, but customers seem to keep coming back for certain strains and there are many reasons why they like each individually.

Amnesia: Amnesia hybrids are always popular as this mega potent and near pure sativa is a mind bender that is moreish and hard hitting even for the really hardened smoker. The high is motivated and will really keep you on your toes with an alert punch.

Gorilla Glue: This strain is becoming one of legends and many of the new hybrids are coming to market containing Gorilla Glue in their genetics. I think just about every breeder has at least 2 hybrids that contain these genetics. The flowering times are fast, the yield is a very good level, the potency with flavour is epic and the best thing is that beginners can get a really good crop with little experience.

Bruce Banner: as everyone can guess the name is given for its ability to deliver pumped up and killer potent buds. Strains such as Incredible Bulk, Hulk Smash, Bruce Banner, Granddaddy Banner and many others are continuously popping up. This slightly sativa dominant hybrid delivers a nice balance of OG Kush with a delicious Strawberry Haze. The plants are not too tall and deliver a crop that will sit on the dispensary in spectacular stature.

Mimosa: This strain is one of our favourites that first got its monster attention from the varieties delivered by Barneys Farm. This breeder always delivers the very best of the best, but their Mimosa Orange Punch and Mimosa Evo are big sellers for a reason. This delicious tangy twisted variety is a mix of Orange Tangy Purple Punch. The yields are fat and the buds are so delicious your customer will certainly be back for more.

Runtz: This cannabis variety is not to be underestimated and certainly will not be the runt in the litter. Runtz is a combination of Gelato which is a Girl Scout Cookies variety with Zkittlez which is a delicious Grapefruit hybrid. This perfectly balanced Indica Sativa strain is making its way through the ranks and can be seen in every seed bank and breeders collection. 

Cheese: There was once a time when we used to sell Cheese in multiple packs to multiple customers every single day. The brand Big Buddha was flying off the shelves and people simply could not get enough of this potent and delicious skunk pheno. The hype is dying off as there are so many new genetics coming to the market, but it does still remain in our best sellers range. There are some devoted cheese lovers still that only produce varieties with some Cheese in the genetics.

Wedding Cake: This cannabis variety is basically another cookies hybrid, but its one that has received a lot of praise among our customers for sure. The genetics offered by the Barneys version are said to be a combination of Cherry Pie, Girl Scout Cookies and OG Kush. You will find many new varieties containing the word 'wedding' or 'cake' in their tittle and this is a sign of something delicious in our opinion as most hybrids containing this will be set to impress.

Thank you for checking our our best seller weed varieties of 2023 page. We hope you find your perfect match and can indulge in the ever awesome love that is shared in the wonderful world of home grown marijuana.