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AKA 47 Auto Female Outlet Cannabis Seeds
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Auto AK47 is a potent Sativa Cannabis Strain that is one of the most powerful when it comes to strains with Ruderalis in its genetics. The plants will grow dense and short with very good central buds that get big and sticky very fast. AK47 is a very resilient strain that is perfect for beginners and is known for being virtually indestructible.
Pineapple Chunk Female Just Feminized Seeds
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You could not ask any more from a cannabis strain than what Pineapple Chunk provides. The plants are well controlled with very high yields and the buds are worthy of champions with a legendary aroma of exotic mango, pineapple, and slight citrus lemon with a nice cedar wood and pepper taste. Buds are interestingly coloured with mostly a green and orange skunk look, but lightly coloured and with some nice but not too many purple and blue tones.