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We stock cannabis seeds from over 125 major breeders and seed banks. From time to time every one of our breeders have discounts and promotional offers. During this time we buy up stock at discounted prices so we can offer it to you our customer at a fantastic price.

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  • THC Content: 5-10% Low clear
  • THC Content: 10-15% Medium clear
  • THC Content: 15-20% High clear
  • THC Content: 20-25% Very High clear
  • THC Content: 25-30% Extreme clear
Advanced Seeds Kaya 47 AutoFem 10
$92.45 -30%
1-3 Days Delivery Available
30% OFF clearance sale Item Advanced Auto Kaya 47 is a potent Sativa Dominated Cannabis Strain with the all-powerful AK47 in its genetics. This Automatic strain will grow dense with very good central buds that get big and sticky very fast. Auto Kaya 47 is a very resilient strain that is perfect for beginners and is known for being virtually indestructible.
SuperCBDx AK47 Fem 7 Seeds
$74.75 -50%
1-3 Days Delivery Available
50% OFF clearance sale Item AK47 was named after the Russian Kalashnikov rifle for the one hit effects that the strain offers. One of the most well-known strains in the world, AK-47 is a sativa-dominant hybrid that also has a substantial Indica presence, giving it a balanced head and body high, crossed with the super high CBD ratio of SCBDx and its phenomenal terpene profile and SCBDxs Sativa dominance make this strain something to be reckoned with, she gets big!