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In the complex world of cannabis cultivation there are some that are completely against feminized seeds. They believe it goes against the laws of nature and god.

There are also people that believe Regular cannabis seeds produce better plants that are more potent and result in much higher production.

The truth is that for every 1000 packets of feminized seeds, we sell 1 pack of regular seeds. We think this mostly just comes down to the ease of use with feminized seeds and that you don't need to remove males and waste space in what are sometimes limited gardening rooms.

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GOLD LINE Alien OG is an epic Indica cannabis variety with bright green and dense typical indica shaped buds with dark red pistils and packed with so many crystals that the buds look fluffy like candy floss. The fragrance of the dried harvest is sweet and sour with a tropical diesel tastes rather spicy, cedar wood like with a slight melon. GOLD LINE Alien OG is a strong smelling marijuana strain so take care with your ventilation.
£71.22 -15%
(tax excl.)
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GOLD LINE Blackberry Fireis a powerful mostly Kush hybrid strain with some heavy hitters in its genetics. This Fruity tasting weed will have buds that are light green and very compact when grown correctly. Buds resemble aromas of sweet lilac with a fruity and slight woody taste. GOLD LINE Blackberry Fireis covered with a thicker coat of trichomes due to the influence of White Widow with around 20-25% THC Content.
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Blue Mountain Durban produces very delicious buds that are full of interesting colours with purple hues, orange hairs and various shades of green. The bud taste Is on the sour side with a citrus, pink grapefruit vibe going on but still reminiscent of the original berry. The weed is compact and should achieve around 16-22% THC.

Regular Cannabis Seeds Pros & Cons

There is a misconception in the name REGULAR which is conceived to be associated with boring. Let's start by saying regular seeds produce cannabis plants that are far from boring and in no way worse than what a feminized seed might produce.

Regular cannabis seeds can be a desired choice by some that believe it's god's natural way to grow. God created seeds to be male and female and man's intervention created feminized seeds so these are by some seen to be unnatural. There are some breeders that would actually get offended by those who engage in growing anything other than regular seeds, but to be honest this is a small minority of growers that have this belief.

What are regular marijuana seeds?

Regular cannabis seeds produce plants that are both male and female. Male plants simply grow and produce pollen, whereas females grow and produce buds that are dried and smoked. Growing with Regular seeds can be a good idea if you are working on a budget, but can be a hassle as males will need to be identified and removed from the grow room.

The problem with growing regular marijuana seeds is that once a male produces pollen and pollinate the female, its buds will stop growing and it will begin the process of producing seeds. Anyone who smokes marijuana will tell you seeds ruin the crop and are certainly undesirable.

Benefits of using Regular Weed Seeds

  • Regular seeds can be much cheaper to buy
  • Some say regular skunk seeds are more natural
  • Some would claim mother plants are far superior to regular seeds

Disadvantages of growing Regular Ganja Seeds

  • Reduced space as males will need removing
  • Chance of pollen contamination
  • Some would say regular seed plants are lower quality

Feminized cannabis seeds are the preferred choice for growers and nowadays over 95% of all the cannabis seeds for sale will be feminized. There are some growers that prefer to grow with regular cannabis seeds, but the demand is much lower.

One strange fact now is that regular seeds are becoming more expensive to buy as they are in less demand, so most breeders don’t even hold them in stock.