Advanced Feminised Collection cannabis seeds
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Feminized Collection (6 options) Advanced Seeds

If you cant decide which cannabis strain to choose from Advanced, why not try their Coection mixed seeds pack to have an interesting mix of different strains to enjoy.

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Breeder:  Advanced

Genetics: Various Mixed Female Seeds

Lineage: Balanced Indica and Sativa Seeds

Flowering Time: 8-12 Weeks

Yields per m2: 400-600g

THC Content: 15-25%

CBD Content: under 1%

Pack Options: Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Seed Type: Feminised

We have 6 options available for the Advanced Seeds mixed feminized seeds packs. Each of them have been chosen for their abilities to work we together so you don't end up with a mess in your garden. Its nice to have a mix of different cannabis strains, but it is very difficult if they are finishing at different times and heights. Choose one of these coections and it wi make your garden interesting and provide you wi a more easy growing experience

Advanced Feminised Coection #1 (3 x 2 FEM) (Afghan Skunk, Critical Soma, Shark Widow)

Advanced Feminised Coection #2 (3 x 2 FEM) (Critical, Ice Kush, Genetics: Somango Widow)

Advanced Feminised Coection #3 (3 x 2 FEM) (Early Widow, Heavy Bud, Kaya 47)

Advanced Feminised Coection #4 (3 x 2 FEM) (Jack Plant, Kali 47, OG Kush SFV)

Advanced Feminised Coection #5 (3 x 2 FEM) (Amnesia, Critical Lemon, Skunk 47)

Advanced Feminised Coection #6 (3 x 2 FEM) (Critical Mass, Goria Blue, Strawberry Gum)

If you cannot decide which strain to choose from Advanced, why not try their mixed seeds pack to have a more interesting variation of strains to enjoy.

Medicinal Effects of a high Indica Dominant Strain

If your pack of Advanced Coection Mixed Feminised seeds contains Indica Dominant strains you wi expect to get a high that is very relaxing and switching your brain off for some time. That said some people can go quite deep into their own thoughts while smoking a potent Indica which can be insightful. Mostly Indica dominant strains are known for the effect they have on your body known as the body stone. They are great for serious muscle relaxation and can induce a state known as couch lock, where your literay glued to the sofa. They recommend smoking Indica strains at night as they can help with sleep and make you very tired.

Medicinal Effects of a high Sativa Dominant Strain

If your pack of Advanced Coection Mixed contains Sativa Dominant Female Marijuana Seeds you can expect a high that is more energetic and stimulating. Sativa Lovers wi enjoy a trippy high that can come with some high strength Sativa strains that can be sociay engaging and get you thinking some interesting and wild thoughts. Sativa strains can be good for pessimistic thinkers as generay they can make you take things less seriously, but they can make you a little more irrational. One thing that is found with Sativa varieties is that they can make you very creative. With things like art, design, writing and anything where you need to think outside of the box a good sativa wi certainly resolve that writers block.

Sativa Cannabis strains are suited for smoking during the day as they can be known to get you a little wired. If you struggle with any form of sleeping it could make it a real nightmare to try n sleep after smoking a high potency Sativa.

Medicinal Effects of a Mixed Indica and Sativa balanced Strain

If your Advanced Coection Mixed Feminized Cannabis Seeds are a we-balanced Indica Sativa cross. This is great because it gives a we-rounded effect and some might say the best of both worlds. People with back pains as we as wanting to keep motivated throughout the day wi benefit most from smoking the right balanced Indica and Sativa Variety. Balanced strains can be good for people that feel a little down because it gives a good balanced Indica and Sativa high. Some Indica strains make you think too much and so with a good mix like Coection Mixed the Indica can ease stress whilst the Sativa keeps you motivated to carry on.

When smoking a balanced Indica and Sativa variety you wi get a round benefits with good relaxation and the ability to sleep and not get overly active in your thoughts. We balanced strains can give the most benefits and can assist with many issues as it has a good Indica Sativa Balance.

So give Advanced Coection Mixed a go and try a more interesting gardening mission with a nice surprise at the end.

At Cannabis Seeds Outlet UK we only stock genuine original Marijuana Strains by Advanced Coection Mixed Weed seeds. We store a our seeds in a commercial fridge at optimal temperatures to preserve quality.

Data sheet
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Data sheet
Indica or Sativa %
40-60% Indica & Sativa
60-80% Mostly Indica
60-80% Mostly Sativa
80-100% Pure Indica
80-100% Pure Sativa
Flowering Time
6-8 Weeks 42-55 Days
8-10 Weeks 56-69 Days
10-12 Weeks 70-83 Days
12 Plus Weeks Over 84 Days
Contains Genetics
Gorilla Glue
Jack Herer
OG Kush
White Widow
Estimated Yield
400-500g (Medium)
500-600g (High)
THC Content
15-20% High
CBD Content
0-1% Extra Low
Dispensary Value Per oz
£200-250 High
Advanced Seeds (About us info)

Advanced Seeds is a very popular marijuana breeder based in Spain. They have been trading online since 2008 and are considered a premium brand with quality strains on offer.

Since 2008 Advanced Seeds have been breeding awesome cannabis genetics. They have a massive inventory of ganja strains that will impress everyone's needs.

Advanced Seeds produces all its seeds under organic farming methods., Natural fertilisers and insecticides have been used only. The production has been carried out under strict controls in isolated rooms to ensure the identity of each variety., Advanced uses a completely safe method to obtain feminized seeds without any kind of genetic manipulation.

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Fresh Cannabis Seeds Guarantee

At Cannabis Seeds Outlet UK we handle and store all our products professionally. We are certain that all our marijuana seeds are 95% viable and of the highest premium quality. We have a very competitive policy for dealing with faulty products issues (subject to our own discretion if the policy is abused).

Fresh Seeds Guarantee Terms & Conditions

Product Info Disclaimer

Medicinal Information in our descriptions should be disregarded as it is based on assumptions rather than actual credible medical research. We cannot verify or backup any medical claims that may have been made as no scientific testing has been carried out and actual results may vary significantly.

Any information relating to growing or germination is for research purposes only and we do not condone or promote illegal use of our products. Laws around the world vary so it is the sole responsibility of our customer to check their own local laws before purchasing seeds as we cannot be held liable.

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